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Loftiss says “Bridal Makeup. Different looks + how I would fix past Brides!”

Welcome to the 2nd edition of “Wedding Talk!” Since this is Beauty Month on Loftiss Says I knew I just had to talk bridal makeup! Let’s be honest makeup can totally make or break a look. I wanted to discuss ideas and help you look the very best on your big day. And if you are already married then use these tips for date night or an anniversary. Here’s how to wow your groom and the room on your special day!


Winged Eye

I mean you reallllllly can’t go wrong with a winged eye. The focus of your makeup should be on your eyes so this is perfect. I suggest practicing and having a test run with your makeup artist. There are so many levels for a cat eye and you want to capture the right size for your face .


Red Lip

Now I really like this look. Especially if you are going for an Old Hollywood, Vintage and 1950’s feel the red lip is necessary. Just be sure that the lipstick is kiss proof! You don’t want to make a mess out of your man during the ceremony or reception!



Now we all know how I feel about bronzer. It’s my everything. I think a golden eye and highlighted cheeks is breathtaking. HINT: Watch the color bronzer you use. Make sure it feels goldish vs pink, rust, or dirty brown. Ask a professional {even at a makeup counter} to get your perfect shade.



On the right skin tone this look is breathtaking. The color pink wears well on all skin types. Feel free to use pink eyeshadow to compliment your blush and lipstick. Remember to blend blend blend!


Smokey Eye

If done right a smokey eye can spice up your “good girl” look. I suggest doing a smokey eye first, foundation then bronzer/blush. Last thing on your makeup process – under eye concealer.


Dewey Skin

Dewey skin is a MUST for this day. You don’t want to look matte and completely made up. You want to glow and be almost angelic. I suggest Stila’s All Over Shimmer


Colored Eye

This would take a special person to pull this off but it CAN be done. If you are going exotic and festive go for it! It can be absolutely beautiful if done right.


False Lashes

Yes I know her marriage didn’t last but you have to admit her glam squad does a banging job! What is so special about this look is the effortless lashes. They look light as a feather with a drop of mascara. Not overly done and pulling your focus right to the eyes.



How I would fix these brides

Now I am all about a colored liner and a red lip but you can’t do BOTH! Pick one ladies

{ps doesn’t this bride look like Ke$ha?!?!}


This bride looks like an Ice Princess. It’s not inviting at all. I would suggest to warm up the makeup. Switch the lipstick to a more rosey color and add brown to the eye shadow.


This bride ALMOST had it perfect. I feel she needs some gloss to her lips. She almost looks like a painting. You want to look glowing and happy and with a quick swipe of shimmery gloss, she will shine!


This bride is sooo lovely but missing three important things. First she looks too matte. I want to add some shimmer and shine to her face to brighten and highlight. Next add a pop of color to her cheeks. Finally she is in desperate need of some under eye coverage. We all need help in this area and with some lighter undereye concealer, she would be look rested and ready to party!


Ok. Now wait.

I know I’m only doing makeup right now but I had to say something about this. Girlfriend you are not fooling anyone. It is very obvious that you are wearing a belt around your head. I am all about being original and taking risks but this one didn’t work. If you had put it on a hair clip or a headband I could get on board. So close.


What do you think? What look will you try next. Stay in touch this month for Beauty Month on Loftiss Says and look for another edition of “Wedding Talk” the first week of June!

xoxo, Loftiss

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