Loftiss says “WEDDING TALK! How to bring sentimental moments into your wedding”

Welcome to the first edition of “Wedding Talk”! I have been raking my brain wondering what I should do for my 1st post about weddings. Finally it hit me last night- sentimental moments. The entire reason why we get married is to join two people in union. Of course the party,  the dresses, the h’orderves, the decorations are all a bonus! What is MOST important is bringing old and new traditions into your life. Blending a two families and becoming one. I wanted to share some thoughts I think could make your special day even more special.


Incorporate a family heirloom

Be it a handkerchief, a family bible, grandmother’s brooch or even wearing your mother’s gown, having the history of this piece included in your big day will bring you joy. I love the idea of a brooch bouquet with all pieces from your family.




Vows are the most common way to bring the intense vibe of the room down. These a hush over the space and all that matters is what the two people in front of the altar are saying.


Honoring those who have passed

It is such a special day but hard when a part of your family has already moved on from this earth. Find a moment in the ceremony to honor them. A picture, a candle, a poem, a prayer. This is your moment to say they are here in spirit.


Mention your connection

Give a “shout out” to the person who introduced you two. They are the reason you are here right now!


Wish Cards

Have the guests pass around “wish card.” Each person can write a wish they want for the bride and groom.


Wish Dance

During your 1st dance allow guests to have 10-20s seconds with the couple and let them share their wishes for them. Of course not everyone can go, but it is a beautiful moment for every one attending.


Open mic

Have some of the guests stand up and say special memories they have shared with you over the years.


*Note- this could be best at the rehearsal dinner. You’re most special people are there and you won’t have a rowdy guest thinking this is comedy hour.


Slide show

Have someone in the wedding party put together a slide show of the happy bride and groom. This ALWAYS makes me cry when I go to weddings. Something about seeing each person’s journey and ending up together gets me every time.

Great at rehearsal dinner or reception.


Generations Dance

After the first dance ask everyone there whoever was married over 10 years to dance. After a minute- 20 years then 30 years and so on. At the end there should be one couple who have been together for hopefully 60 years+.  Have them talk on the microphone and give advice on a healthy and loving marriage.


Children Moment

If you have a lot of children at your reception, give them a moment to shine. Hand them a line or two to read from a poem or the Bible. If you have any natural performers they will JUMP at this opportunity. {I would have done a dance of course!}


Old Pictures

Use old pictures of your family throughout the day. On the cake table or the wedding book table is a beautiful way to remember two families are blending.



When the guest leave have everyone take a flower from the bouquet or the bridesmaid’s bouquet. Such a sweet moment and everyone has a flower to put in a vase at their home to remember this special day.


I hope you found this helpful and excited about incorporating some of these ideas! And to conclude every post I’m going to post a picture from one of my friend’s wedding. Since my blog is all about real life I think this just makes sense!

Check out my friend Kat and Ben’s wedding. Can you not BELIEVE this isn’t from a magazine?!?!? I love the happy yellow paired with the crisp white dresses. And the bouquets are perfection- not overwhelming. Since this wedding was on a vineyard in the Hamptons, the khaki suits were perfect for this outdoor environment. And most importantly look how insanely happy Kat is!!!! Ahhhh now this is what weddings are all about! See you for my next “Wedding Talk” post the first week of May!

best-wedding-dance-music-20121xoxo, Loftiss


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5 thoughts on “Loftiss says “WEDDING TALK! How to bring sentimental moments into your wedding”

  1. At my nephew’s wedding, the father of the bride said something in his toast that has really stayed with me. He told us that while at this wedding we were two families becoming one, at the next generation’s wedding we would all be one family and on the same ‘side of the aisle’. I loved the sentiment!

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