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Loftiss says “Wedding Talk”: Themed Engagement Shoots

Hi Hi Hi!

I’m so excited because I have booked my magical wedding photographer to shoot our engagement photos in a few weeks. Amelia is my old sorority sister and lives in Los Angeles. I knew I wanted to take pictures in New York because that is where Jay and I met, fell in love, and had years and years of memories together. For me,  taking pictures on the beach in SoCal just wasn’t “us.” I am THRILLED that she accepted to come to NYC and shoot us for this special moment. We haven’t been back since we moved in January so this trip will be quite emotional for us.

So the topic for today is engagement photos. I love when shoots have a theme. That is what happens in all editorials…a story.  You want to be true to your relationship with having hints of humor. My old neighbor, Amanda,  recently took “Gatsby” shots that are to die for while another friend did a mermaid theme. I think this is a time to celebrate, to have a ball and to enjoy this moment of engagement. Not the wedding but actually the part of being engaged.

Here are some ideas for engagement shoots that I really like!


Inspired by “The Notebook”


“Breakfast at Tiffanys”


“Alice and Wonderland”







“Mad Men”




“Retro Beach”


“Fred Astaire”


“On location”



“Roaring 20’s”

1920s 20s 1920 prohibition vintage flapper golden era american america united states engagement shoot retro romantic the notebook wedding bride groom theme inspiration Tyler Boye Photography 1







No matter what you do….ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!! Just promise you won’t pick some images on pinterest and try to recreate. Use your own imagine and decide what best tells YOUR story. Love to you! See you next week to talk the best of NYFW!

xoxo, Loftiss


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