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Loftiss Says “Make It Work” Monday: HOW TO FIX BROKEN EYE SHADOW!!!!

This happy Monday calls for a Beauty Guest Blogger! Let me introduce you to my friend Jamie Hess. We both went to University of Alabama  and danced together 8 hours a day, 5 days a week all through college. I honestly remember telling Jamie at least once a week how beautiful her makeup was. She was constantly trying fun techniques with her eye makeup and always looked so put together {even after sweating our faces off in a non air-conditioned studio}. Jamie and I both loved getting ready for our performances as much as being on stage. We always compared notes about red lipstick to false lashes. Funny enough Jamie is now a makeup artist in LA. We have kept up with each other over the years and have been trying to meet up the entire three months I’ve lived in Cali. The other day she posted a blog about broken eye shadow. The second I read it I texted her saying I MUST show this to my readers. Seriously ladies- this is going to change your life. Prepare to have your mind blown. Take it over Miss Jamie….


Has this ever happened, you open an eye shadow and it’s disintegrated into small pieces?


I always thought I had 2 options, pour the loose shadow into a small container or throw it away. Neither one of those options were very appealing until I discovered this…you can re-solidify your shadows.


Using rubbing alcohol fill the metal container 3/4 high (I prefer 99% or 91% should be fine).

Don’t over fill it., you can always add more alcohol if it’s not full enough.


Gently press the shadow with a Q tip mixing the shadow and alcohol together.

Make sure the shadow is completely saturated with alcohol even if it means breaking the chunks of eye shadow into smaller pieces.


The eye shadow should be completely saturated.

Lift the container and gently tap it against the counter. You should see small bubbles being forced to the surface as the alcohol/eye shadow mixture settles back into the container.

Let the eye shadow container sit open so the alcohol can evaporate.


Amazing that with a little alcohol an eyeshadow can go from this to this!

– Jamie


Ahhhhhhh can you even handle it?!?!?! I am so mad at all of the hundreds of shadows I’ve thrown away.  Just confirmed- this DOES work for blush!!!!! I can not wait to try this trick.

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Jamie Hess


From an early age, I loved using make up to express myself, so it was simply a natural progression that I chose to be a Make Up Artist. I worked for Clarins, Clinique, and MAC Cosmetics before moving to Los Angeles to attend the Joe Blasco Make Up Center. For the past 5 years I’ve been the Project Coordinator for the special make up FX lab, W.M. Creations, Inc.  We create the make up FX for various TV shows such as CSI: Vegas and NCIS. We also work on major motion pictures like “Albert Nobbs” and “The Butler” (to be released Oct. 2013).  I also work on freelance projects. I’ve worked shows like “So You Think You Can Dance”, Secret Celebrity on E! Entertainment, and most recently the newest Justin Bieber film. In addition to working as a make up artist, I have started a make up blog at  I believe our outer appearance is a reflection of our inner self and I believe that these two things are connected closer than we realize.  After 10+ years of working as a make up artist, I don’ t know every trick in the book, but I have plenty to teach and share.

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xoxo, Loftiss

11 thoughts on “Loftiss Says “Make It Work” Monday: HOW TO FIX BROKEN EYE SHADOW!!!!

  1. Will it work with shoe polish in cans? That’s always drying out and breaking up into pebbles before it’s used up.

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