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Loftiss says “Wedding Talk”: Practical Ways to save $$$$

Welcome back to my monthly post  “Wedding Talk!” Since I have soooo many friends getting married these past few years I am always on the lookout on how to cut costs in wedding world. I really could go on and on about different ideas but decided to pick my favorite 12. See if any of these ideas strike a cord with you!



We all have friends that excel in one area. If it’s beauty, playing an instrument, writing poems, organizing, baking …..ask them to use their special skills on your big day. This will be an incredible gift! Not only will it be more special since it’s a labor of love but it is cost efficient. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done makeup and hair for my friends that are brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, flower girls etc… I’ve washed dishes after the rehearsal dinner, help set up flowers, hung tinkle lights, made devil eggs for the reception, written place cards and more. ASK YOUR FRIENDS!!! They WANT to help relieve your stress and be apart of your big day.

Wedding Cookie Tradition 1

2. Get your makeup done at makeup counter

Instead of spending your money with a make-up artist why not go to a makeup counter. I would DEFINITELY suggest having a run through before to make sure you get the look exactly right. Book an appointment for you and your maids a few weeks in advance. Ps if you do this it would be really nice gesture if you gave a tip 😉


3. Flowers

This is especially important in a large cities that have flower districts. Use your local Wal-Mart and grocery store to pick up flowers. Or head outside and pick some yourself! I have seen gorgeous bouquets made from flowers picked right outside!


4. Cake!

Same goes with the cake. I have eaten super expensive cakes that tasted horrid while sheet cakes from Publix were delicious. Pick your battles ladies!


5.  Make your own headpiec

Now that DIY is all the rage, why not make your own headpiece??? Pop onto the net and get a thinkin’! And if you aren’t crafty, go to  Etsy and see if you can find your dream headpiece there. I’m positive it will be less expensive than the ones in the bridal stores.



6. DIY your altar

When getting married  you want the perfect altar to frame the happy couple. You can easily use fabric, flowers (fresh or dried), strands of color papered, wood, or candles to achieve your look. Get those scissors ready!

Tomkinson Weddings, DIY Marriage Plan, Marriage Studio, Creative Altar, DIY Altar



7. Borrow jewels

We all have a friend who has a penchant for jewels. Why not ask if you can borrow them for big day. This is your “borrowed” item for something old, new, borrowed and blue!


8. Spray paint is your friend

Don’t buy new picture frames, chairs, or candle holder etcs…pull out the spray paint. It’s amazing how you can create a completely different vibe just by adding a coat of color! Psssst- for extra pizzazz grab some angel’s breath and spraypaint for some extra shine!


gold-letters-wedding DSC_0190

quick glam2

9. Chalkboards

If you are a Pinterest fan you can see chalkboards are all the range. Instead of printing place cards and menu items just have a chalk board telling folks everything they need to know. It’s personal and a great photo op.




10. Computer Savy

Since I just brought up printing place cards- why not forgo invitations and use Evite? Not only does it save the trees but it will save people time sending back their rsvp cards!


11. Rent Away

Sites like Rent the Runway is now offering bridesmaid dresses + accessories like headpieces,belts, brooches. This is especially a great idea if you want to change-up your look at the reception. Adorn is another great site to check out.


12. Elopement party

If all this planning is too stressful and you are forgetting WHYYYYY you are getting married…why not elope! You can always throw a fab party before or afterwards!


Will you incorporate any of these ideas? Just trying to help so you can save all that extra dough on your honeymoon 😉

xoxo, Loftiss

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 xoxo, Loftiss

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