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Loftiss says “Wedding Talk”: The Reception Dress

To change your dress or not change your dress…that is the question!

I am asked this all the time. This new idea of slipping into a “cake cutting” dress has really blown up over the last few years especially in the celebrity world. I am on the fence for this subject. One side of me says “Keep on your wedding dress girlfriend! This is your one night to wear THE dress you’ve been dreaming of your entire life!!!!!” The other side of me thinks “Oh heyyyyyy party time!!!! Throw on your cutoff cocktail dress, get comfy and let’s dance!” If you really want to set the tone instantly that this is celebration station …I say absolutely change into a mini and turn up the music.

It really is up to you and your personality. I like when the bride completely switches it up if she does a costume change. At the ceremony/church she debuts a demure look and an hour later has thrown on feathers! I had one friend tell me she was appeasing her mother during the wedding and for the reception she was wanted to turn on her new husband. DO YOUR THING! I understand. You don’t have to play by the rules of being the sweet and lovely bride. Now you can show off a little leg, have a plunging neckline, add some glamour with some rhinestones! As always just be authentic to yourself.

I picked out a few of my favorite dresses if you are considering going that route. From satin, lace, feathers, rhinestones, cut- outs, bows, sashes to glitter, make your choice and work your personal style Bride!





Satin One Shoulder Fitted Unique Neckline Beaded Waist Short Classy Informal Bridal Gowns UK







Find anything that makes your swoon?!?!? What do you want to talk about next “Wedding Talk?” Let me know!

 xoxo, Loftiss

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