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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Your new best friend-Rose Water!

Over the past two months I have received tons of compliments on my skin. I would like to say it’s genetics or the beautiful California weather but truthfully it’s not. While judging a dance competition in Texas, my friend Melissa (the awesome ballerina in Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” music video) sprayed something amazingggg in the room. I asked what in the world is that smell!?!!? She pulled out a bottle and said “Oh rosewater. Everyone at my yoga studio uses it.” Hmmmm I forgot about rosewater. One of my best friends growing up, who had incredible skin, always used that! Sometimes we get so inundated by the latest beauty product that you forget about the good old faithfuls that always got the job done. For the past two months rosewater and I have reconnected and fallen back in love. Let me tell you some of the powers so you can fully understand it’s magic!


The Benefits:

Face:  My skin has the tendency to break out. I have to be very careful what I put on my face. I spray mine right after the shower, before I put on my makeup and right before hopping into bed. It refreshes my skin and brings color to my face.  It has been a god sent while traveling. I HATE wearing makeup when I fly so spraying this right before I jump on a plane gives my skin moisture without clogging my pores. Since it helps in the maintaining the pH balance of the skin, it provides calming effect on acne and eczema. You can also buy it with glycerin making it a  brilliant skin toner. I use both. Combined with glycerin it is the perfect thing to put on your face before working out. PLUS if you just need an extra jolt during the day, spray this on your face and it won’t mess up your makeup. Score!

Skin: It can also heal sunburn, wounds, and soothes insect bites.

Hair: All you girls that want extensions- forget that! Rose water improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Plus it helps controlling dandruff!

Eyes:  Rose water is very effective in soothing tired and fatigued eyes. Soak cotton balls and leave on closed eyes for 5-10 mins and see the your tired little eyes brighten up!

Teeth: Now this is crazy. There are number of dental problems that can be cured with the help of rose water. It can provide relief from inflammation and gum problems. It can also strengthen teeth and provide relief against gum pains. If you are suffering  with bad odor and foul breath, rose water can help you get rid of it. WHAT!!!!!! {Umm we should make rosewater breath mints ya’ll!}

Stress: The fragrance of roses is a very effective de-stressor and helps to release stress instantly. Ever realize that it’s Rose water and rose oils are used in spas and aroma therapy ?!?!  It instantly puts you in a good mood and is there to help fight your stress. We ALLLLL need that in our lives.


{Not a spec of makeup on but still glowing! Thanks Rose Water!}

I really can’t stress enough how bringing this one product into my skin care regimen has made such a difference.  Seriously it has rejuvenating powers for the body and soul. I hope you check it out and let me your thoughts! ps- I bought mine at Whole Foods for $9. Yessssssssssss

xoxo, Loftiss


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