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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Spring Styles to Wear NOW!!!!”


I had the great pleasure again to write a style article for the Thomasville Scene Magazine. I love how I have the freedom to write whatever I want to write about. Since I knew this was the Fashion Issue I thought it was imperative to share my thoughts on Spring Trends. Fashion Week in New York is always so glamourous but that entire week you see trends that will be popular 5 months. It’s always fun to see what is “in” now and go fill your closet with those last items needed to be ready for the season you are in. Here is my take on Spring trends that are hawt…NOW!!!!

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by Emily Loftiss

We have shed the extra layers of clothes and now we want to celebrate. Spring has sprung my friends! What I love most about Spring and Summer fashion is the extremes. It’s about vibrant colors, exciting prints, tons of accessories and adding anything to your wardrobe that makes you happy. Here’s my list of must haves that will add color and joy into your life!

TRESemme at Mara Hoffman Nicholas K Whitney Eve-Runway-Spring 2010 MBFW

1. Geometric Print Dress

This print is a show stopper no matter where you go. Office, After Dinner
Drinks, Weekend, Vacations- this print is winner!


2. Romantic Floral Sundress

Throw a bit of romance in your wardrobe by adding a floral dress perfect
for a chill weekend. Feel free to throw a pastel shrug on top if you want
to wear to church or a more conservative occasion.

3. Statement Pants

Make a statement with your pants! Now that colored jeans are all the rage
it’s easy to add colored jeans and dress pants into the mix. GO BOLD!

4. Color blocking

YES! COLOR BLOCKING IS HERE TO STAY!!! You really can’t mess up this
trend. Mix and match bright colors to create a fiesta on your body!

27. Elle Macpherson white jeans
5. All White

For the complete opposite of bright colors- go for all white. There is
something so calming and chic about wearing white from head to toe. Even
though this look is commonly seen at the beach, I invite you to rock this
trend around town. pssst- it will make your tan pop too.


6. Wedge shoes

Who wants to wear high heels when you can wear wedges! Wedges are a staple
for Spring and much more comfortable than any heel. Great for barbecues
and date night!


7. Bright colored Blazers

Trade out your brown and black blazer for a gorgeous color! It will make
you look rested and and the pop of color will invigorate you making you
ready to tackle the world. It’s the new power suit!

8. Denim

Denim will always be a staple for Spring. Play with portions and don’t be
scared to cut off your favorite jeans and make them your new favorite
capris or shorts.


9. Maxi Shirt

A carefree long skirt looks effortless. This trend is flattering for any
age and always a home run.


10. Big Sunglasses

Be your own movie star with huge rimmed sunglasses. Not only are they
functional…they are fabulous.


11. Floppy Hat

Protect your face with a floppy hat. This is another look used a lot at
the beach but is perfect for a lunch date around town. It is functional
and fun!


12. Layering Jewelry

Spring is all about extremes….PILE ON THE JEWELRY!!!! The more the
merrier I say.


13. Adorable Carry-all Tote

Since you are running all around town, why not look stylish while doing
it. Grab yourself a bright colored tote that makes you happy every time
you see it. If you have to lug your life in one big bag, it should at
least be colorful!

Bamboo Kelly Iphone

14. Personalized Phone Case

My personalized phone case has my initals on it and makes me smile every
time I look down at it. Pump up your style a few notches by adding some
pizzaz to your phone.


Emily Loftiss is a TV Host and Style and Beauty Expert. Emily has worked with NBC, MTV, ABC,, US Olympics, Interviewed at 7 seasons of NYFW and interviewed on countless red carpets. Emily is a Spokesperson for Old Navy and Henri Bendel and collaborated with L’Oreal, Huffington Post, AOL, Stylist, Remington Hair Products and Birchbox to name a few.. Emily is orginally from Thomasville and was the first cover for the Thomasville Scene in 2006. Emily lived in New York City for the past 10 years and recently moved to Orange County, California with her fiance’ Jay.

xoxo, Loftiss


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