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Loftiss says “I answer your beauty questions!”

I hope ya’ll had a lovely Thanksgiving!!! I surely had a wonderful time in GA visiting with family and getting in touch with my Southern roots.  As promised here are the answers to the questions you asked:


Puff face asked: Loftiss, what is the fastest way to get rid of the face-bloat? I wake up some days and just look puffy. Putting cucumbers all over my face just doesn’t seem practical.

First off, DRINK WATER!!!!! You might be eating too much salt or drinking too much alcohol (moderation like anything else in life is key)!!!!  If one of these are probably the culprit, I suggest upping your cardio and adding some more veggies.  By rehydrating to flush out your system, your skin will look amazing, too. Bonus!


Beth asked: I’ll bite on the dry shampoo question. What brands really work? And are they any better than baby powder?

Let me tell you what….I was a fan of baby powder for years but after trying wonderful dry shampoo brands, I will never go back. I personally am a mega fan of Ojon Full Detox Cleansing Spray. During application, use a teasing comb on each section starting from the forehead.  Proceed to the center of the back of your head then spray on the scalp. Next brush through your hair and finish without the hair dryer. You will be AMAZED by this product. You’ll cut your time in the bathroom by half….I promise you’ll thank me.  {Also a fan of Oscar Blandi & Big Sexy Hair}


Courtney asked: Which brand of shampoo works the best? 

Since I’m a hair model for L’Oreal,  you know what my answer is!!!!! But truly, there is a huge difference between grocery store shampoos and professional hair products.  You will see a significant difference in the longevity of your color and damaged hair NEEDS the extra love. Trust me…spend a few extra $$$ and get the good stuff. {Also a fan of Ojon, Kerastase, Redken, Matrix}


Courtney ask: And how do you prevent break outs?

Oh…. the age-old questions about breakouts. Everyone has different skin types and you have to figure out what works best for you. What works best for me-washing my face with warm hot water in the a.m. (no cleanser), Aveno lotion with SPF, and Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (pink grapefruit) and salycic acid spot treatment on my problem spots. My best advice is don’t over exfoliate and over wash.  Be sure to check your anti-aging products since they seem to cause breakouts. {Also like Clinique Acne Solutions}


RichyRichNYC asked: What is the new hot ladies perfume of the holiday season? I was at Bond9 this weekend and was not impressed.

There are sooo many fun new perfumes to try this season! Check out Bloomingdale’s for Vol de Nuit Powder Spray from Guerlain, yummy Lotia Lempicka, and try Taylor Swift’s new perfume Wonderstruck.  {Can’t go wrong with Givenchy,  TOCCA,  Jadore & Chanel 5}

Love to hear your thoughts!!!! And as always feel free to send me questions. Sending you love from Georgia xoxo, Loftiss

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