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Loftiss says “Last minute tips to glam your NYE outfit!!!!”

I was asked the other day to describe my style I answered “My style is New Year’s Eve Every Day.” It’s true, the glitz and glamour of New Year’s is what I live by life for! New Years is one of those magical nights where ANYTHING GOES! You can be as ridiculous as you want and no one will judge you. So I say GO BIG!!!!! So if you hate all the clothes in your closet, don’t have any extra cash to spend on a whole new look, here are some quick tips to make any outfit pop!


You can easily do a DIY headpiece or head to any department store. If you don’t think they are over the top for you….add some spray on glitter from the hardware store or feathers from the craft store!


Just pile on the hair spray and you have instant glamour.


You can truly go to any cheapy store and find sequins shorts, jacket or jeggings. Even if you throw them away after this event- it was worth if for this fun night. (Remember Facebook is forever….)


Yummmm I LOVE fur. Faux or real….it’s an easy way to spruce up a drab outfit.


You already have this in your house…just choose to rock it this night. Be careful with the red lipstick when the clock strikes 12 though!


Find your most obnoxious piece of jewelry and wear it for NYE! The extra sparkle will make you stand out and I promise you, you’ll get tons of compliments!


I try to wear metallics daily. It’s so showy and super Diva. I say DO IT!!!!


Grab one from your mom or grandmothers drawer and call it a day. Or head out to any store and find the biggest one you can get your hands on…pin it on and dance the night away!


Easy. Less than $10 for instant pizzazz.

* I say finish off your look with a great pair of false lashes and you will be ready to party all night long.

So there you have it. Easy tips to rock out your look tomorrow night!. Let me know what tips you tried. Have a blast and as always don’t drink and drive!!!!!! Love to each and everyone of you. HAPPY NEW YEAR YA’LL!!!!

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