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Loftiss says “Make It Work: My 300th post! Fav posts listed!

I was so happy to realize a few weeks ago how close I was too 300 posts! Eeeee it went by so fast! I thought I would put together my “Greatest Hits” album so you can relive some of my favorite moments that you might have missed. As always, I do this all for you. If no one read this I would never put so much time and effort into it. Thank you all for letting me into your life. I hope you have laughed a lot, felt creative (Make It Work Monday), empowered to try new things in beauty and fashion (like orange lipstick and leopard accessories) and sincerely felt inspired! Get excited because this is now the holy grail of Loftiss Says blog. Let’s check out the past 300 posts! whoop whoop



“My Lash Extension Experience!”

“How YOU can wear red lipstick!”

“Natural Makeup is your friend”

“How to do the perfect French Twist- hosted by me!”

“Wrap Around French Braid”

“How to get a Tanned Look without a Tanning Bed”

*Update! Video above got over 1.4 million views on HuffPost, AOL and Stylelist!



“DIY Headpiece”

“Happy 20th Birthday Christian Louboutin”

“Last Minute tips to glam your NYE outfit!”

“Guest Blog for Thomasville Scene- Jazzing up your wardrobe” 



“Miss to Mrs”

*When I got engaged!!!!! Also my MOST viewed post! awwwww

“The Green Dress”

“How to Wear White”

“Cheap to Chic”

“How to make your manicures last!”



“I lay it down on the MET Gala Fashion”

“Oscars Look for Less”– 1 of the guest blogs I made for Remington

“Jennifer Lawrence’s Looks for Hunger Games”



“I’m a Henri Bendel Style “It” Girl!!!”

“My Old Navy Tour videos+pixs”-Joey Lawrence +Jordan Knight 😉

“Victoria Secret Party: On and off the Runway”

“Lofti’s Blast from the past birthday pixs!”


All pics from one of my blogs!

Again thank you for being such wonderful supporters! I have major news coming very soon and I want you to continue our path together. Keep sending me ideas for posts, questions about products, inquires about trends etc…. I LOVE THIS BLOG AND I LOVE YOU!!!!! And please keep spreading the word on “Loftiss Says,” I want to keep growing and have the ability to reach even more people. Please repost, retweet, follow me on all the social media networks etc. Here’s to 300 more ya’ll! xoxo, Loftiss

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