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Loftiss say “Make It Work”: 4th of July DIY

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday! I had some followers send me their looks from their 4th of July get-togethers  and I must say you all looked fab! For this occasion, I wanted to put together something that looked festive but not costumey. There were things I KNEW I wanted to have: #1. a star headpiece #2. hand-made button earrings. I decided to hit the craft store to see what would inspire me. Let me how you how I pulled my 4th of July outfit together to MAKE IT WORK!!!!



After searching for several days I finally found the perfect star appliques. Since I don’t really have anything in my closet that is red I figured this was the missing link. All you need is three items: appliques, fabric glue (super glue) and bobby pins.

I dabbed a bit of glue in the center of the star. I placed the curvy side of the bobby pin in the glue. I know most would put the flat end in the glue to ensure the tackiness, but I would rather the star lay flat against my head.

Ta Da! 3 beautiful star pieces dying. I suggest letting them dry for a solid 20 minutes before touching. Then go back in and glue again. * Make sure you don’t glue the pin shut! You need it to open to place in your hair!!!!!


Now on to my earrings. I shuffled through hundreds of buttons til my eyes locked on these beauties. Anchors PERFECT! Nautical is so in and I know I’ll wear them all the time in the future. This time you need: buttons, glue, and tooth picks.

Since you are dealing with such small buttons I suggest using toothpicks as your tool so you don’t glue yourself to the table or something! Again let the earrings sit for a solid 20 mins before you start messing with them. Then for security, do an extra dab of glue to ensure it is set!


Today is the day of the party. I knew I wanted to have my hair all the way up to showcase the stars and my earrings. I opted for a side braid into a messy bun. I just love how the look turned out when the stars were added. It really showed off my hair style and brought an extra pizzaz to the back of my look. *I feel a real fashionista thinks about how she looks from ALL angles.

I honestly got 5 compliments on my earrings. They are not a showstopper piece but definitely an added detail that is always appreciated.

I added a loose striped tank (to add to the nautical theme) and a red lip (MAC Russian Red) and viola! My look is complete!


The treats!

The DJ!

Jay’s face is amazing here!

Bella Grace

The fabulous host Jasmine!

Fellow dancers!



Red Stars: $3

Buttons: $3.95

Backs of earrings: $3.98

(Glue, Boobby pins, Tooth picks- I already owned)

Final cost: $10.96!!!!!


Again, I hope this makes you rethink itmes in your closet work! As always, I love to hear from you! Let me know if you need help figuring something out. Make sure to check in later in the week about the perfect nude lipstick combination I found!!!!  whoop whoop- Love you all! xoxo, Loftiss


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2 thoughts on “Loftiss say “Make It Work”: 4th of July DIY

  1. Hey Emily! Love, love, LOVE the stars, so cute and in no way costumey! I’m a huge fan of anything nautical, whether its fashionable or not, I love it. So when I saw your earrings, I let out a small whimper…I want! You look gorgeous and of course patriotic!

    • Thank you so much! I was on a hunt for those stars and ended up really happy with them! And now these earrings are my new favorite accessory. You MUST make some them send me the pixs! Thank you for reading. xxxxx

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