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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Copy celeb beauty from the AMAs!

Instead of giving you the same ole Red Carpet Breakdown, that I know you love, I decided to do a Beauty Breakdown! Since this is MAKE IT WORK MONDAY I thought this would be the best way to corporate three of my favorite things.1. Award Shows 2. Beauty 3. Tutorials! So here are the noteworthy looks I saw last night at the American Music Awards!



1. Start with a deep side part.

2. Use a curling iron to do soft waves. Watch my video on beach curls here

3. With a rat comb, tease the crown of the head.

4. Pin a small section of hair behind the ears.

5. Use hairspray for hold. Then spray hair with something that adds shine for a polished look. I suggest L’Oreal Finishing Spray.


1. Use a taupe/soft brown on the eyelid.

2. Rim the inside of the eyes with a brown pencil.

3. Curl lashes and use falsies.

4. Use a rounded brunch and add gold shadow in the crease and underneath the eye.

5. Keep blending and adding a brown and gold til you get the perfect color. I suggest this Nars Duo.

Hint- stay away from black liner. And save the concealer under the eyes for any shadow that fell underneath.


1. Use a light lilac on the eyelid and underneath the eyes.

2. In the crease use an angled brush and use a plum color.

3. Use black eyeliner underneath the eyes and on top.

4. Curl lashes and add falsies.

5. Using black eyeshadow accentuate where the outer lashes end. Pull the black underneath.

6. Use a white(pale pink) shadow in the corners of the eye and a pull right on top of the lash line. I suggest Sephora collection.

Hint- This is all about blending. It will take time but adding and blending will make this look pop!


1. Use a shimmery pink on the eyelid.

2. In the creases use a brown/plum color and drag underneath a smidge.

3. Curl lashes and add mascara.

4. Add individual lashes underneath

HINT- You can use a strip lash on top (if you wish or skip) but but only use individual lashes on bottom.


1. Apply BB Cream all over.

2. Darken eyebrows with a brown shadow/pencil for structure.

3. Thick liquid eyeliner on top lid. Mascara. A few individual lashes on top.

4. Pinky blush on the cheekbones (not the apples).

5. Fuchsia lipstick. Gloss in center bottom lip. I suggest Lipstick Queen.

HINT- no mascarra on bottom. This look is ALLLL about the dewy beautiful skin with a pop of color on the lips.

Did you learn anything? Any questions? ANDDDDDDDDD look out for my post on Tues! I am going to share with you which December issue magazine I’m featured in. They are in the stands right now!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!! Make sure you come back ya hear!

xoxo, Loftiss

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