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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: 12 Ways to do a Ponytail

I’m hunkered down in my NYC apartment while Sandy, the hurricane, passes I decided to write a post on ponytails. I mean if you can’t wash your hair for a couple of days, why not try different ways to rock a pony. I am a huge fan of the ponytail- it makes your face looks thinner, your hair is off your face, and is perfect for causal and formal events. It is still my moms favorite way I wear my hair.

I put together 12 ways to wear a ponytail. If you are in love with one of these looks but not exactly sure how to do it- write me and I can easily do a Step-By-Step Tutorial. Let’s get started!


Bouncy high pony

Slick pony with teased tail (LOVE!)

Pony with teased tail with elastics 


Deep part low pony (very sophisticated)

Side pony

Deep side part -side pony

Center part low pony  (so chic with large earrings)

Pony with a bumped crown (I wear this alot)

Mohawk pony

Pony with wrapped hair

Ponytail braid

Ponytail with braid in front (great to look youthful)

Which one is your favorite!?!?! Tweet me your best pony- I’d love to see! Safe safe in this weather.  xoxo, Loftiss

4 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: 12 Ways to do a Ponytail

  1. LOVE this post, I wear a pony almost everyday since I have to be at work so early and my hair is so long & time consuming. What can I say, I’m lazy & would rather sleep the extra 20+ minutes 😉 I would love to switch it up, can you tell me how to do the bumped crown & the mohawk. I would be be ecstatic to add more looks to my repertoire. Thanks!

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