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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: American Country Music Awards-GET THE LOOK!

Ohhhh country music how you make my heart smile. Doesn’t matter if I live in NYC or California the rest of my life, I will always be a Southern Girl at heart!  I asked on social media what you wanted with the ACM Awards and in an almost  unanimous vote you said “GET THE LOOK!” Fashion, makeup, hair and skin- I’ve got you covered.  I’ll show you how to achieve your favorite looks from last night. Let’s get started!


Sheryl Crow

Fierce Jumpsuit

HANDS DOWN MY BEST LOOK OF THE NIGHT! I am blown away by this jumpsuit. I have to say I’m a mega fan of this ensemble. I think it’s a chic alternative over a dress. It is easy to dress up or down. I say take a fashion risk next time and go for a jumpsuit! Not only is it more comfortable but you can dance the night away in this. Maybe throw in a kick or two?!?! psttt great for weddings.


Here’s a great jumpsuit I found for $50 here! 



Golden Skin

Now this is why I love Spring and Summer Red Carpets….the glowing skin!

WOW! This is the best I’ve EVER seen Jewel. This tan looks incredible on her. Add the lovely peach dress and blonde locks and I’m majorly impressed!

For self tanning instructions to look like a sun goddess click HERE.

For a Makeup step by step video tutorial click HERE. ps my makeup video was picked up by Huffington Post and got over 2 million views 😉slide_290578_2308216_free

Kaley Cuoco

Puffed up do

Ohhhh Kaley you almost got it right. I love the pouf in the front but I would prefer the back to be pinned down. To achieve this pompadour- pull out your teasing comb.!Section off the hair you want to tease. Next pull out the front part of hair and leave alone for the time being. Start from the back of the hair. Back-comb to get height for this look. Section by section back comb and hairspray. After a few sections you will be at the front of your head. Now brush the front section and secure hair over the “rats nest” to make it look effortless. You don’t anyone to see the all hard work you’ve been doing with the teasing. The front section of hair is gently laid over. This look is great with a top knot, french twist, side bun and pony.


Miranda Lambert


This ladies and gentleman is a good blowout.  Since blowout bars are all the rage, find a great one near your house for you next event. There’s just something so magical about getting your hair blown out by a professional! Also invest in a great round brush so you can give yourself a great hair night!


Jana Kramer & Taylor Swift 

Gold Dress +Basic Pony

I ADORE THIS LOOK! When you are going out for an event think to yourself WHAT AM I SHOWING OFF?!??!! If it’s the dress than downplay the hair and makeup. If it’s the beauty aspect, go wild and pair with a LBD. I love this ultra fabulous metallic dress with a simple ponytail. This look is current and completely fresh! Click HERE for 12 different ways to rock a pony.


Michelle Stafford

Hair Extensions

This is the wonderful actress who plays Phyllis in my favorite show Y & R. Since I am a fan, I know that Michelle’s real hair is shorter than shoulder length. This is truly some of the best extensions I’ve seen in a while. Over curling and styling extensions make the hair look completely unnatural and like it should be attached to a doll. Just smooth the hair around the face to make it effortless and almost like an after thought. As always I suggest clip ins so you don’t damaged your own hair.

Picture 13

Carrie Underwood

Old Hollywood hair + brooch + red lips

When Carrie walked out to sing “Two Black Cadillac’s” she stunned the audience with her beauty. I am a major fan of the Old Hollywood look. To learn how to do this hair click HERE {scroll down to find}. To add extra pizzazz attach brooch to the side of the hair that is pinned back. Instant glamour! I mean why not wear jewelry to your hair?!?  And last but not least the red lips. I loved how Carrie’s entire look was completely matte with glossy red lips. Figure out what brand is right for you and rock it ladies. Here’s a post on awesome brands to try HERE.


Kimberly Perry



First I noticed her less frizzy hair- Bravo! Then I was impressed with her contouring. This is something every makeup artist does and normal people are scared to try. First you need a concealer few shades darker than your skin and  highlight, a few shades lighter. With the darker color shade either side of the nose and use the highlight down the bridge. This will make your nose look more narrow. Next with the dark concealer, trace your cheekbone from the middle of your ear to 1/2 inch from your mouth. Next trace your jaw line. Use your highlight and go underneath both lines. Last but most importantly BLENDDDDDDDD. This takes practice but done well it’s completely gorgeous! People won’t be able to put their finger on it but you will get compliments like crazy!


Hope you learned a thing or two! I’d love it if you would repost. Happy Monday and I’ll see you back later this week!

xoxo, Loftiss

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