Make It Work

Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: The Floral Pants Trend

Hello lovelies. I am so excited to discuss floral pants!!!! I know alot of you have conquered the colored jeans look, now let’s step it up a notch. I am a mega fan of this trend. I know many of you are skeptical and thinking this looks like your grandmothers favorite armchair. But if done well, it is beyond fabulous. I like this trend because you can wear it all year round. Add a tank and sandals for summer and for winter add a blazer and scarf! Also since we all know I’m a maxxinsta at heart- you can find floral pants at all discount stores and I swear you can’t tell the difference. Here’s a few tips on how to:


1. Keep the rest simple

I always say pick one focal point for your outfit. Obviously if you are going to rock this trend – THIS  is what we want to focus on. A solid color shirt is the easiest way to do this.

2. Choose darker colors – it will make you look slimmer!

If you are thinking noooooo way I’m too bottom heavy for this, just wait. If you go for darker clothes you will look even smaller than you are. Pay attention to the color of the fabric, the material, the shape of the pants and how large the pattern is. With all of the details you can find a pair that looks incredible on  you!

3. Pair with a jacket

If you think this trend is too far out there for you, pair it with a blazer tailored jacket and heels you will look chic.

Want to look like a rocker? Pair with a leather jacket and booties/boots.

5. To make it more edgy- just add black! 

Still not a major fan? Use black, black and more black to make you feel hot and not like an upholstered couch.

 For Bonus Points- partner with other patterns. 

NOW THIS IS FOR THE ADVANCED! This look can go very wrong really fast. But if you can do it well it is a complete showstopper!!!!!

Here is my one of my floral pants look. This is my going to brunch with friends, chill look. Since these pants are really loud I paired gold flats, a creme top and a long chain necklace.

I love the detailing in the back of the shirt. Again, I left some detail for the back, I don’t want to compete with the pants.

So will you be trying this trend? Come on! Fill me in! Here’s to an awesome week ya’ll! xoxo, Loftiss

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