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Loftiss says “A lovely day at The Plaza with Birchbox + Caudalie”

It’s no secret I think Birchbox is the best idea in the universe. Samples tailored to you for just $10 a month is genius. It takes all the guess-work and leaves you with a box full of joy! I was so honored to be invited to Birchbox VIP party at The Plaza’s Caudalie Viotherapie Spa. I guess they got word I’m their Super fan!

It was a delightful party. We were offered eye facials from the professionals at Caudalie, brow consultations by Anastasia, manicure strip applications from Incoco and offered lovely wine and cheese. Ahhh heaven on earth!Here are a few pics from the event:


My darling and handsome friend Eric Neher who I’ve loved for years! He is the Brand Marketing and Merchandising Manager for Birchbox.

Cauadlie Founder Mathilde Thomas and me

The spa was beyond gorgeous and all of the wine was supplied from her family’s vineyard. Look at how gorgeous she is! And look how fresh my skin looks- this was directly after my facial. Thank you Cauadlie for the treatment and for the goodie bag! I am in LOVE with all of my products! I will absolutely come back!

Co-founder Katia Beauchamp and me.

I sat down and asked Katia a few questions. Did you have any idea what a MEGA Success this company would be? She responded “We had no idea!!!! We hit our 3 year predication in 7 months!” She continued to say what makes this company work is the thrill and anticipation of the wait with the efficiency and pure delight over the products. I shared how Birchbox is perfect for me the “Product Junkie” and also wonderful for my sister who feels overwhelmed with choices. It truly caters to every woman. I’ve even got my mother interested! Katia also impressed me by saying the best part of her job is her team…. They inspire her to keep pushing and breaking barriers.


If you still haven’t made the plunge- treat yourself or a friend/family member to feel special once a month. It’s like Katia said “It’s not your husband or boyfriend that remembers….IT’S US!” xoxo, Loftiss

4 thoughts on “Loftiss says “A lovely day at The Plaza with Birchbox + Caudalie”

  1. Great article! I’ve been wanting to check out the Caudalie Spa at the Plaza for some time now. And I think I might just give the Birchbox to a lucky member of my family for Christmas!

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