Beauty Tips

Loftiss says “Trade up with a Musical Flatiron!”

I actually saw this for the first time during the L’Oreal tour.  During those busy days there were constantly someone on your hair curling, brushing, straightening, shampooing, dressing, spraying etc…. In Austin, TX I kept hearing music but couldn’t figure out where the ipod station. Finally I realized it was coming from the straight iron!!!!

The dealio:

1. The flatiron has a built in Mp3 player!

2. Several brands carry this item: GemMedia, InGlam, MI-TUNZ, HAI

2. Each straightener holds up to 2 hours of music

3. It comes with a USB cable that allows you to easily drag -n-drop your fav music to your new favorite beauty tool!

4. You can control the volume to as loud as you want. Whoop Whoop now you can REALLY get in the party mood while doing your hair!

5. I’ve seen the price vary from $90-$300 depending on the brand.

I think this is a fun gift idea! It’s perfect for teens and up! Great while getting  ready for work, a  party, date or even church! Check them out and let me know your review of this new product! xoxo, Loftiss


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