Loftiss Says “Street Fashion”

Oh how I love to people watch. I’m pretty sure that is why I live in New York because the entertainment is endless. The other day my lovely friend Jen and I were hopping around the city after our hard-core workout and catching up on life. Jen and I thought we needed to buy something sparkly and super cheap so we popped into Forever 21. This is where I ran into my European Fashion Mishap #1 and #2.

Oh ladies…where do I begin. The girl on the right didn’t get the memo about proportions. You can’t where a high-waisted short and then wear a skin-tight camisole! Also the jean wash is very 80’s and not in a fabulous way . The chick on the left is wearing a chiffon skirt accompanied with a cardiagan….hmmmm it just doesn’t work. I could forgive somethings but what is absolutely unacceptable is this-

SHOES THAT ARE TOO BIG!!!!! You look like a little girl playing dress up!!!!! And friend on the right when the shoes get stains like that you have to throw them away. I wish they had asked me for guidance. I could have led them on the right path. Le sigh.


Now here’s a Street Fashion done right. Meet Suzee. I saw her at Starbucks and asked if I could please take her pic. I’m so thankful she didn’t think I was crazy!

I just love this look! The simple white shirt paired with the sequin shorts is genius. And her accessories: classic louis vuitton, metallic flats and a beaded headband. I think Suzee is a modern day Winnie Cooper.  You are my Look of the Week babe! Congrats! xoxo, Loftiss

2 thoughts on “Loftiss Says “Street Fashion”

  1. LOL this post is funny. I like the European girl’s outfit on the left, i think it looks soft and feminine even if it is 2 flowy garments in the same outfit at least she is wearing a fitted tank. I like how they let you take a picture of them hehe. I saw this mom wearing a cheap hot pink and black corset top and booty shorts while pushing her son in a stroller today and I wanted to take a picture of her hideous outfit but kept staring at me….

    -Bianca at

    • Girl if you saw how many ridiculous outfits I take pixs of behind people’s back I could start a whole new website!!!!!! I was trying to be nice by asking for a photo op! Thanks for checking in…I’ll totally check out your site!

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