Loftiss Answers Your Questions!

#1. What are some of the “in” fashions to wear for New Years this season?

GO FOR THE RIDICULOUSNESS!!!! This is one of those magical days when you should be festive, glamours and over-the-top. I say a cocktail dress, something metallic and of course huge costume jewelry!

#2. My purses are GINORMOUS! I carry almost everything with me all day, but I can never find anything. A). What do I really need in my purse? B). How can I consolidate all the extra junk without feeling like I’m unprepared?

First off I’m a firm believer in cleaning house in your purse. I realized the other day I have five pens in my purse. FIVE!!!!! I ONLY NEED ONE! I suggest cleaning out that purse once every two weeks. It only takes two minutes and you’ll be saving yourself time in the long run and strain on your back. Half of the time the change in your purse is what’s holding you back.

*This is all you REALLY need in there:

Wallet, Cell phone,small small make-up bag, ipopd (unless you have an iphone), keys, camera, breath mints. Done! 

#3. What are the best products you’ve found for under eye circles or darkness. I have 2 small children and don’t get a lot of sleep, so I’m always trying to look more rested than I am! I have little to no makeup knowledge…any tips?

First off you need to wear under eye cream all the time! Day and night! You want to fix the problem instead of masking it. And remember when picking out a color to pick one or two shades lighter than the rest of your face. Ask a consultant…they are there to help!My favorite under eye concealers:

1.Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (LOVE!)

2. Clinque All About Eyes Concealer

3.. Neutrogena 3 in 1 Concealer for Eyes

4. Stila Perfecting Concealer


4. Who is my favorite football team?

Well I was born a Georgia Bulldawg then attended the University of Alabama. So I’m going to have to say Roll Tide on this!


5.MEN’S QUESTION!  So I love the look of Italian/European style suits but the seem to only look good on dudes 5’9 and 110 lbs. Any designers that have that look but for “real men?”

I think the the skinny suit look great on everyone! Most men’s clothes come in standard and slim fit. Always go for the slim fit so you don’t look boxy. As for designers I suggest : Prada, Armani, D & G, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss for High end. Other favorites are: Top Shop and H&M. And remember TAILORING IS KEY!If something isn’t perfect take it to be tailored to fit your body perfectly!


6. Is there a universal regimen for skin care? Does each group of people have to have a unique hygiene ritual for maintaining good looking skin?

Skincare is tricky because everyone’s skin reacts differently. I know people that can sleep in their makeup and have the most flawless skin. You are supposed to wash, tone then moisturize. Those are the 3 steps to beautiful skin. There are hundreds of brands that do that trick but it’s a long process to figuring out which brand works for you. I suggest Clinique, Kiehls, Bliss, Cetaphil, and  C Booth (found at Rite Aid and is BRILLIANT!)


#7. FOR ACTORS: I know I have to look the best I can for camera work, and I am not sure what that is. I need help on what looks best for me and how to put an outfit together. I am fashion stupid, I figured you were the perfect person to turn to.

On camera is all about looking the part. Casting directors don’t want to look outside of the box. They want you to walk in and look EXACTLY like what they need. If you are going in for a lawyer it’s all about looking professional. If you are reading for a teen you need to look fresh faced and young. If you need to be a young mom break out the cardigans! Read the breakdown and then do your part to ensure you look perfect. From your hairstyle, shoes to your accessories….play the part. Use the computer and research!!!!


#8. How can I look edgy and professional at the same time?

I think about this question all the time. Many times I need to look professional for Hosting events but I’m not a suit type of person. Stay classic then throw in a few trendy things to ensure fabulousness. Example: add a touch of leopard, a skinny belt with a sweater, patterned tights, silk blouses, red lips, dark nails and  flashy accessories to jazz things up. Ann Taylor is doing some great things with work clothes that doubles as afterwork, let’s grab a cocktail, clothes. Happy Shopping!


I had the best time answering these! Feel free to send me your questions and I promise to answer them. Pass along to your friends and spread the word about “Loftiss Says.”xo

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