Beauty Tips / Video

Loftiss Says: “Art by Video”


MEET BRAD. Brad has been my in my life for 6 years. We randomly check in with each other and see how the other one is doing.

NOW MEET ROZ. Roz is a hairstylist who was asked to present her work. She said she didn’t want to bring in models that she had already cut or styled beforehand because you lose the progression/movement of it all. You aren’t able to see the “before” compared to the “after.” She wanted to show ALL the steps involved and all the different possibilities.

And this is how this video was born.


I chuckled with delight through out this entire video. It is completely charming, brilliant, informative and useful. You must watch this ENTIRE video to see how just the slightest bit can totally create a different feel/vibe/look of a person!!!!


To make an apt with Roz find her at: Bumble & Bumble (415 W. 13th). And check out Brad. He’s a musician, composer and brilliant with blogs 🙂 at BON APPETIT!

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