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Loftiss says “QUESTION TIME! What do you need help with in your closet?”

The more and more I go to get togethers and parties I end up chatting in the corner giving fashion and beauty advie. I’ve done this in the past with your beauty questions and thought we should open the floor for you wardrobe issues!!!! This is an open forum for you to ask me anything Fashion related.  I’m heading to Dallas tomorrow for my GameDay Cloth presentation and I’ve had the best time pulling together outfits and styling the models. I love love love doing this- now how can I help?

Example questions:

Need help with layering?

Dont’ understand how to do the colored jean thing?

Want to know how to rock a head scarf?

How to accessorize a certain outfit?

Feel free to ask me questions underneath this post, on Twitter, Facebook or on my website! I will answer these later next week. Spread the word. STYLIST LOFTISS IS HERE TO HELP YOU! xoxo,Loftiss

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