Loftiss says “Inside Scoop on the Luca Luca Turbans”

As ya’ll all know there are several things I am passionate about: bright colors, anti- aging potions and lotions, looking tan, animals, my delicious friends and Alabama Football. Amazingly my friend Ellen Hunter fits into a few of these categories! Ellen is responsible for the STUNNING turbans seen on the catwalk this season at Luca Luca’s show at New York Fashion Week.

Ellen is one of my Tri-Delt Sorority Sisters who graduated from U of A in Apparel Designs. I have always adored her sweet spirit and contagious smile and was thrilled to run into her in NYC a few wks back. She filled me in on her prepping for the Luca Luca show and I wanted to share with my followers…..


Ellen said “I was honored to be a part of such a prestigious show.  His designs are so ultra-feminine and the turbans created sort of an edgy spin on that femininity.  The idea of the turbans with each look was to have an uptown meets downtown kind of chic. Some of the turbans had a crystal brooch on the side that mimicked the jet black crystal beadwork on the evening pieces. Raul really gave me the creative freedom with the design and it was amazing to embellish the turbans with such intricate beadwork.”

Ellen’s favorite look was the finale headpiece which was an ornate hand-painted metal floral comb with hundreds of jet black Swarovski crystals.

“I have several years of experience with my bridal line, Avant Bride NYC and it was amazing to translate that knowledge into designs on the runway.It was such an exciting moment in my career to see that last headpiece go down the runway! “


Want to browse the collection? Go to Turbans will be available for purchase in Jan ’12 in Luca Luca boutiques. If interested email Ellen directly  at So proud of my Sorority Sister! So happy when Southern Girls show NYC how it’s done~ xoxo, Loftiss

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