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Loftiss says “how YOU can wear red lipstick!!!!”

It’s Fall which means BREAK OUT THE RED LIPSTICK!!!!! I absolutely love red lipstick and have tried thousands on. It is absolutely the easiest way to go to blah to glam in 30 seconds! Here is my list of the very best and how to make this trend work for you.


Choose a red shade of lipstick based on your skin tone. A blue-based, coral-red looks best on those with alabaster/ fair skin. True red/cranberry red looks best on those with olive or medium skin. Burgundy or dark brick-red looks best on those with darker skin tones.
Here are my favorites:

MAC Cosmetics  Russian Red

I wore this every day when I was a Rockette. It looks great in pictures and perfect for the holidays. I think this red works for all skin tones.

{Live performance with Rockettes. I’m wearing Russian Red}

NARS Red Lizard- 

It’s more cherry red than brick. Great for Pale and Olive skin tones. With this one- I say skip the lipliner.

{Final Event for MTV MADE. The Winter Dance}


If you are pondering red lipstick but scared to go IN YOUR FACE this is your lipstick. It has been referred to as a “blackend” red. Purplish/Blue Red.


A make-artist used this on me for a photo shoot and I loved it! It’s pricey ($34) but if you are going to wear it often I say go for it. Also try YSL Red Muse.

MAC Cosmetics  Ruby Woo

This has been voted as the best “Blue Based Red” lipstick across the boards. For pale skin – THIS IS YOUR RED!!!!!

STILA  Fiery

 Celeb Make-Up Artist Sarah Appleby introduced this to me recently. I LIVE FOR IT!!!!!! Now it’s DARKKKKKKK so be careful for the day and if you are pale. But for a dramatic effect- this is the lipstick.

{Fiery in Times Square}

Hope this was helpful!!!! Let me know what you choose and what you love…. xoxo, Loftiss

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