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Loftiss Says: “L’Oreal Tour”

I have worked hundreds of gigs in my life but one of my most favorite has been the L’Oreal tour!!!!! I mean, I got to play a bride in a fabulous Vera Wang dress and had my hair done by some of the most accomplished colorist and stylists in the world while traveling the US. Hair shows are just fascinating ya’ll.  In Orlando alone,  50,000 hairstylist were there to see the next big thing in hair.

Here are some pictures I took throughout this tour of St. Louis, Chicago, Austin and Orlando. The wedding dresses backstage

My fabulous Vera Wang

Getting my hair did

My hair went through several transformations…. here are a few. (ps- check out my engagement ring! Thanks Holly!)

Some of the other looks seen onstage. Allie, being hot, as always.

Maria- check out her bling!

Jill- how intricate

Kristin- such a rockstar look

The “White Wedding” ladies….love love love these girls!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT BY L’OREAL. Here’s another model from another company….poor thing! I mean- just branches!!!!!!!

AGAIN NOT L’OREAL!!!! Thank you for not doing this to me…..

Wig Contest!!!! WERK!


Allie and I being silly

5 dancers trying to cartwheel in the same time. I’m the one who couldn’t get it right!!!!!

100 layers of tool!!!!!!

Ryan Teal- the Master! Great guy and great family.

Chad- my colorist. I LOVE MY HAIR COLOR CHAD!!!!!!

The Super Talented Jennifer MacDougall and Paige


Hanging out at Ron King’s Salon in Austin, TX. Allie and I thought she looked like “The Notebook” and I looked like “Miss Puerto Rico”

Some of the gorgeous models backstage in St. Louis. Stephaine, our fearless leader and choreographer is in the middle.

Our stage!!!!!

The finale

Loving our jobs!!!!!!!

I have to say after using their products L’Oreal Professional really is the best! I’m so thankful to have worked this season with them and hope to do it for 100 more years. I still can’t believe all the new talented friends I have made all over the country.  Thank you to each and every one of you who helped in all four cities.TEAM L’OREAL! 

xoxo, Loftiss

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