Loftiss Says : “Zumba shoes…just say NO!”


I really love it! I totally enjoy taking these classes when I’m at home in South GA. It is kind of like bonding time with my mother while we work-out we laugh, sweat and get tickled at inappropriate things in class. I,however, can not support these shoes. I was shopping a few days ago and Mama walked up to me with THE most hideous things I had ever seen asking “should I buy these for class?” I wanted to throw them across the room!!!!! Then I thought that was a little dramatic. $70 for those things….HELL. TO. THE. NO.

Official Zumba shoes have the circle on the bottom to easily glide right and left.

Then all the dance retailers saw this was a huge market and starting creating their line of Zumba shoes. Examples:

RV Impact Dance




Ugggg us in the dance world stopped wearing these boat of a jazz shoes 10 YEARS AGO!!!!!! Listen friends I completely want you to be healthy and active, I just ask you to try to remain fashionable while doing so. I guess I could let one or two of them pass if you have on pants and the lights were down really low. But in general, don’t spend your money on these ugly things. Stick to your running shoes and call it a day.

Fashionably yours,

xoxo Loftiss

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