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RoC Skincare Predicts the Most Wrinkle Prone Cities! Ahhhhhhhh


DOOMSDAY YA’LL! This time RoC Skincare has partnered with independent research firm Sperling’s Best Places on the 3rd Annual Wrinkle Ranking Study that predicts the 50 most wrinkle-prone American cities in 2040.  This is always such an interesting study and I can’t believe the results. The study is based on factors commonly known to affect skin health, such as lifestyle, occupational and environmental influences. Key contributors include: Larger, metropolitan areas are most wrinkle-prone in 2040 due to the effects of their extreme urban environments (lower air quality and commuter congestion)- sorry big cities!


Here are some interesting facts:

1.Forecasts of high temperatures paired with less precipitation increase the risk of wrinkles in areas like the Great Lakes and the Northeast

2. Cities like Nashville, St. Louis and Kansas City are expected to retain smoking rates significantly higher than the rest of the country, leaving residents more at-risk for wrinkles. WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL SMOKING?!?!??!

3. The study predicts in the year 2040, Philadelphia will reign as the most wrinkle-prone city in America, thanks to high stress levels, more airborne pollution, lengthy commute times and higher than average smoking rates.

4. San Jose will claim the least wrinkle-prone title in 2040, due to its shorter commute time, smaller population size and anticipated shift toward a wetter climate. GUESS I’M MOVING YA’LL!

Where does your city rank?!?! Look below!

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-1-42-04-pmDon’t fret my pets! There is still so much you can do to prevent wrinkles! Keep moisturizing, drinking water, wear SPF & get some sleep!!!!! Huge thank you so RoC skincare for this study and don’t forget to try out RoC skincare goodies. They really are the best in the market. #ad #sponsored

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xoxo, Loftiss

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