Make It Work

Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Inspiring Quotes to get you Motivated

This weekend I had a lot of time to think about motivation. Sometimes you are just tired, overwhelmed and can’t find the spark anywhere you look. Well here I am. I am here to inspire all of you to finish the year out strong. If you want to say no to those fudge brownies and stick to your diet over Christmas…you can! If you want to keep working diligently with your career and not take a step back just because it’s December I hear ya!  We can do this together. I created a new vision board this weekend to remind me of all the goals I want to accomplish now and into 2014. Spokesperson, red carpet host, incredible marriage, beauty coach, collaborations, traveling, photo-shoots, editorials, networks, miracles, making major money, award shows- it’s all on there. It’s sitting right above my computer and I will look at it 20x a day to remind me I can do it ALL!  We all need an extra push every once in a while.  Here is yours.












Here’s my post from almost a year ago with inspiring quotes. This is your wake up call…Get Your Mind Right! Inspirational Quotes

xoxo, Loftiss

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