Loftiss says “Street Fashion” with Grasan

So a few of my guys friends have been harassing me about doing more men’s fashion. Well this week is for you!!!!! I was flying back from GA a few weeks ago and during my layover in Charlotte I noticed this gorgeous man walk onto the plane. In my head I was commenting how fabulous his “travel outfit” was. Then I realized it was Grasan Kingsberry. Grasan is a UUBER talented performer who is as kind and precious as he is gifted.

Here is perfect example of how to fly looking stylish:



The outfit:

* Lu Lu Lemon Pants

*Smash short sleeve sweetshirt

*Scarf/Bag: Zara

*John Varvatos Converse Classic Hat

*Classic Aviator Sunglasses

*UGG Boots

Travel outfit at it’s best! Thank you Grasan for sharing your delicious, comfy, style.Effortless = Fabulous.

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