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Loftiss says: “How DERMAFLASH 2.0 Facial Exfoliation is Superior to Microdermabrasion”

Hello, friends! Everyone that follows me on social media knows some of my favorite things when it comes to beauty. I love self-tanning, I have more facial oils in my house than I can possibly count and I am a strong believer in shaving your face.

That’s right! No one loves facial hair on a woman…get rid of it!

image032There are so many in-spa treatments that can improve the tone and texture of your skin, and I’m here to set the record straight. Between peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and more, there are so many options promising us the world.

Microdermabrasion often produces good results, but comes at the risk of several serious side effects. It is not recommended for people who have Rosacea or who are prone to broken capillaries. Most risks are associated with performing microdermabrasion under unsterile conditions or improper application of the treatment. If the machine is improperly used at too high a strength, there is a risk that the patient’s skin may be perforated by the fine crystals that are used to exfoliate the skin.


As for peels, they can be a great way to exfoliate the skin and can even be paired with dermaplaning as a complementary treatment; however, many peels are so aggressive that it causes the skin to become red and unnecessarily shed layers of skin.

No thanks. #GirlByeeeeeeeee

So what’s a girl to do?

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective method to exfoliate skin and the results are immediate–better yet, DERMAFLASH is an at-home magic wand that gives you the same in-spa results with ALL of the convenience (and none of the side effects or risks!)image039So let me tell y’all how I discovered DERMAFLASH and how it’s changed my life for the better.

A year ago, I was using Tinkle razors on my face to remove facial peach fuzz until I had a terrible mishap. I was running out the door and decided quickly to hit a few places on my face. I had on makeup and ran the razor on my cheeks and ran out the door.

My oh myyyyy, the next day my skin was ANGRY! I had the worst breakout of my entire life and I kept thinking to myself “Loftiss, you know better!!!!!” Ugggggggh.

Fast forward to meeting my new favorite device, DERMAFLASH 2.0. My friend Jen over at Modern Ensemble wrote about DERMAFLASH a while back and I took a mental note to check this tool out. An exfoliating tool that makes my skin glow…I’m in!image034After I completely destroyed my face with cheap razors, I decided it was time to try out this baby out because it’s specially formulated to exfoliate the gentle skin on a woman’s face!

What makes this product so impressive is the sonic vibration and proprietary Edge that simultaneously removes the oldest layer of dead skin cells while taking away all of the unwanted vellus hair from my face. After trying countless different facial exfoliating methods, DERMAFLASH 2.0 clearly comes out on top!image031Then to make it even more incredible are the two products called PREFLASH and POSTFLASH that prep and moisturize your skin before and after to ensure you don’t have any irritation. They are part of the Essentials kit and they make a great team!

I couldn’t be happier with the results and ensure you, I will never go back to cheap $4 razors from Amazon. My skin looks utterly glowing with OR without makeup on. Thank you DERMAFLASH for the genius invention to ensure I always have a flawless canvas for makeup.

I highly recommend this goodie to anyone and everyone.

xo, Loftiss

*This was a paid #ad by DERMAFLASH with gifted products. All thoughts are my own.

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