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Loftiss says “Alice Through the Looking Glass” products

Let me tell you what-Disney has put a lot of time in collaborating with fashion-forward brands for the mega launch of the ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ movie. With mega stars like Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, Mia Wasikowska as Alice, and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen. There are also several new characters introduced including: Sacha Baron Cohen as Time –a peculiar creature who is part human, part clock. I have been fortunate to attend two events featuring incredible products. If you are a fan of whimsy, fantasy, costumes and makeup- you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie and all the products being featured.



Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette – Limited-Edition

We can definitely relate to the Cheshire Cat’s proclamation, “We’re all mad here.” This pop-up palette is a trippy tribute to our favorite characters from the film. UD  created the perfect mix of 20 ALL-NEW shades, then arranged them all in columns by character and put them in an intricately designed, collectible palette.

I have this pallet and it’s INCREDIBLE!!!!! And one lucky winner won one on my snapchat (are you following on there – I did 6 giveaways THIS week)?!?!



Price: $60, Available at Sephora,  ULTA,, +


Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Lipstick – Limited-Edition

Urban Decay introduces five limited-edition shades of Lipstick. These shades pay tribute to UD’s favorite characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana (the White Queen), Iracebeth (the Red Queen) and Time. From sheer nude with a pink shift and bright red matte to gunmetal-navy with silver shimmer, these shades range from classic to edgy.


Price: $18 each, Available at Sephora, ULTA,, +



A beautiful jewelry collection by James Banks inspired by characters and the theme of “time” from the film. I chatted with Adam Shulman, the designer behind James Banks, for a long while. Not only is he completely charming and kind but ridiculously talented. I would take the entire collection home.

James Banks 1

James Banks 10

This piece of art hangs in the glass orb and can be taken out and worn on a necklace. Wearable fashion. Incredible.



Oh and his wifey is Anne Hathaway, the white queen. 😉



Tea party-inspired hats by the award-winning milliner, Patricia Underwood. These hats were all hand-made and completely exquisite! Truly pieces of wearable art.

Patricia Underwood-WhitsEndClocheC.jpgPatricia Underwood-CherryBlossomC.jpg



“What designer doesn’t want to step into a wicked wonderland? Our Thomas Wylde collection is for a girl who is a perfect combination of a romantic and a rebel – so I understand the contrasts and contradictions.”– Jene Park, Creative Director Global. Ready-to-wear and accessories brand Thomas Wylde’s three outfits paying homage to the White Queen, Red Queen and Time



Here I am wearing the red jacket! Here is the handsome John Hanna, CEO of Thomas Wylde.




OPI’s enchanting nail lacquers. “We are thrilled at this opportunity to capture even more of Wonderland’s fantasy, adventure, and whimsy. These shades truly say ‘wear me’, and let Alice fans indulge in a little madness of their own.” Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder. Some truly lovely colors….

OPI-DDA13 Alice Brights Alice Duo.jpgOPI-DDA14 Alice Brights Mad Hatter Duo.jpg

What is your favorite!?!?! I can not WAIT to see the movie. Again, follow me on IG and snap to see behind the scenes of awesome events I get to attend. @emilyloftiss

Happy Weekend. xoxo, Loftiss

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