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Loftiss says ‘My Trina Turk Fall Presentation. Photos!!!!’

I was so so SO excited when the Trina Turk people asked me to throw an event to start off Styleweek OC. This week is the equivalence of New York Fashion Week for us in Orange County! I decided if we were going to do it I wanted it to be bigger and better than my last two events. The Fashion Island people were so accommodating and let my imagination run wild. We had a beautiful event outside the Trina Turk store. I hand picked 6 models and styled each of them then there was a full presentation where I discussed Fall trends.

It really was a beautiful night and I am thrilled to represent the Trina brand of bright colors, exciting prints and living outside the box! Take a look at the fun night!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.40.23 AM

Starting off the festivities!

Trina Turk In Store Party

The calm before the storm

Trina Turk Party 2


Excited to bring my good friend Manna Kadar on for the event. Not only did they glam all the models but mini makeovers were offered throughout the night.


Deidre, one of my gorgeous models, getting primped.


Look at these dapper men of Trina Turk! Thank you Zach for being always so above and beyond. And Michael it was wonderful meeting you. Can’t wait to collaborate more!


My event sister Manna Kadar!


This explains the event perfectly. #TooMuchFun



The always lovely, Alyssa of Living in Style OC attended. She is truly darling and representing the OC beautifully.


Here we go! Time to start the presentation!



Models ready to rock!


Model 1: Sherri

I paired these unexpected shoes to go with this loud printed dress. There was no green in the shift dress but it just worked! TAKE RISKS PEOPLE!!!! Love the hot pink clutch addition too.



Model #2: Lia

I call her my Sporty Spice! Athletic wear is everyday wear so pick looks that are flattering to your body while being functional (even if you are just running to the grocery store!)



Model #3. Kristen

My classic girl. A mod 60’s orange shift dress paired with a leopard cape. I mean…come on!!!!!!!


Model #4: Carla

I love this picture because this is when I shared with the audience Carla is having twin boys through a surrogate!!! Ahhhh we are ALL so excited for her. Now, I love me a jumpsuit. Not only is it flattering on all ages and body types but it is the perfect work to night look.


Pstttt I just wore this necklace on my last segment for OK!TV.

Love this smoke eye on you Carla 😉


I brought Manna up to showcase her darling jumpsuit too. I really feel Trina knows how to make a jumpsuit look delicious on all bodies. Look how tall Manna looks right here- she is 5’2. The streamline of the pants make her look 5’8!


Model #5 Jess

Anywhere else in the world I would say you are crazy to show swimwear for a Fall fashion show. But since this is Southern California and the land of the constant summer…here you go. Swimwear is supposed to be cheeky and fun. Go wild with mixing print and bold colors. I paired her fabulous one piece with chic lounge pants. And best part of all- she is wearing metallic Birkenstocks! Yesssssss they have made a comeback!



Model #6 Deidre

This is my sassy lady that I knew could totally rock this look. A skirt dress is also so easy to throw on and always looks great. Paired with some hot pink booties and a teal tote she is ready to rock any event day or night! You are just the hottest Deidra!



Here are all my models together!

Look everyone- you can still wear color in Fall and Winter!



And let me talk about my look really quick. I ADORE a twin set. This top could be paired with pants or a pencil skirt. Since I love to dance about (and maybe throw in a high kick) I went for the pants. Then the unexpected lime shoe, long gold chain, mod hair and makeup and viola!

Talking with Manager Zach and pulling the name for the raffle. She won a free styling session with me and a gift card to the store.


Again, me with the faces. The lucky winner of the raffle!


Talking style with Kristen





Guests enjoying the makeup touch-ups

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The entire TT family. I love you beyond!!!!!!WohYNr_vkEWDBO9CllR6Ks30H62SGzYfB7mwPP75Ks0

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.32.08 AM

Special thanks:

Deveny and Zach for making this event utter perfection.

Alyssa, at Fashion Island, for being so helpful.

Manna Kadar and team for being a great addition to the event.

My 6 beautiful models for participating and being the epitome of GORGEOUS!

Abel at Blanc Noir Hairdressing for my perfect 60’s mod frenchtwist. I am still obsessed.

Ed Meliza for documenting the entire night. You always take such lovely pictures.

And of course Trina Turk and staff for believing in me. It is a honor to represent your brand.


Tilllllll next time!

Check out my event from earlier this year in March. Click HERE!

Event from 2014. Click HERE!

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