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Loftiss says ‘RoC Wrinkle Ranking- where does your state stack up!?!?’

This year I became a RoC ambassador sharing the magic that is RoC Skincare. I have been using these products for yearssssssss and have spoken on several Satellite Media Tours about this incredible line. Recently, RoC came out with their 2nd Annual RoC WRINKLE RANKING. What does this mean? Well, after partnering with an Independent research firm, Sperling’s Best Places, each state is put in wrinkle order. The ranking determines the U.S. states where the residents’ skin is most at risk from damage caused by lifestyle, occupational and environment factors.

Last week I got to do something really cool. I flew to Phoenix, Arizona to share with a local new station what number Arizona was placed. Arizona was ranked #16. Arizona has the hottest summers and dry climate, both which can dry out the skin and age our skin. Their sunny climate and the geography/ elevation of the state, also were large factors that contribute to a lot of sun exposure, and thus, more skin damage.  Poor Arizona that number is not great.


Here I am on set.


Here’s my interview from Arizona Midday.




YA’LL  NEW YORK IS #1!!!!!! Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is terrible!

Then my home state of Georgia is #27 and my current state of  California is #36.

Ok, since we have the results how can we work on this?!?!? What’s my favorite step to use to combat wrinkles?  Starting the day with a moisturizer/ SPF combination should be part of everyone’s daily routine. There are many myths about not using retinoids in the summer, but as long as a sunscreen is applied with the retinol, it is safe for use. I recommend using RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF 30; with this product you’re protecting yourself everyday from the sun’s harmful rays and at the same, the retinol is working to diminish deep wrinkles; it’s clinically shown to visibly diminish deep wrinkles after eight weeks of use.

Why WOULDN’T you use it?!?!?


 For more information on the RoC Wrinkle Rating click here! Happy Fall ya’ll! and keep using that sunscreen. #sponsored

 xoxo, Loftiss

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