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Loftiss says “Summer Wellness Video with ME!”

Last week I was in New York working with MultiVu on a SMT. Not a lot of people understand what that is so let me explain. I conduct 30 live interviews all across the nation discussing brands. This time I was explaining the magical product for thinning and damaged hair B’IOTA BOTANTICALS ADVANCED HERBAL CARE, the age defying product for your face ROC RETINOL CORREXION DEEP WRINKLE DAILY MOISTURIZER WITH SPF 30  and the yummy, good for your digestion  O ORGANICS KOMBUCHA.

Even though it’s a fast and furious day of 5 hours of interviews I really enjoy myself. I compare it to actors doing a press junket for a movie! It’s truly fun to talk to anchors all across the country and discuss everything from the many uses of coconut oil, to my personal fitness routine to drinking more water to keep your skin hydrated to even my old dance career. It keeps me on my toes!!!  Here’s one of the interviews I did (this is a generic one for different news station so I’m not talking to another anchor). Enjoy!


 I bought my Kate Spade Dress in NYC but if you want to rent it for just $35 head here- Rent The Runway.

My stay-put foundation was HD Makeup Forever

The best under-eye powder on the market Manna Kadar C2 powder

Curling iron Com Air 1 1/2 barrel.


If you have any more questions about the brands- please reach out. I can tell you ANYTHING you need to know! Same with anthing I have on…happy to help! Til next week!

xoxo, Loftiss

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