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Loftiss Says “Style Ideas! Fourth of July Fabulous’

MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR IS COMING UP!!!!! No it’s not Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even my birthday. It’s the Fourth of July!!!!!! I mean it…to me it’s a magical day filled with laughter, sunshine and water. I’m heading out Wednesday to meet the in-laws at the beach in Alabama then heading straight to NYC for work. I thought it would be fun to repost one of my magazine articles I wrote for the Thomasville Scene two years ago. Again, since it’s my favorite holiday so my beliefs still hold true. See if I spark any style ideas + I added some goodies you can order online!

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Ohhh I just love Fourth of July! It’s not just the hotdogs, pool parties and fireworks but the fashion! I love how literal you can be with this holiday. It seems completely ok to be campy and decked out with stars and stripes from head to toe. Here are some great ideas if you want to step up your look for this year’s festivities.

Stripes stripes and more stripes

Not only is this a perfect look for summer but a perfect look for the 4th.


Stars galore

How can you NOT be in a good mood while wearing stars? The more the merrier I say!

Pairing with white

No matter if you choose a red and white stripe tunic or a blouse with stars, if you pair these with white (shorts or pants) you look fresh and on point.


Polka dots and stripes

I know this seems like a lot is going on in an ensemble but why not? It’s time to celebrate our country! Let’s show it by combining prints!!!!


Wide Brim Hat

You can never, and do repeat never, go wrong with a wide brim hat. You will receive so many compliments you won’t know what to do with yourself! Plus it protects your pretty face from burning.


Patriotic Shoes

So you think you won’t ever wear these babies again?!?! I have a feeling you will find another occasion. Wedges, Tennies, flip flops whatever- pick up a pair and enjoy.


I bought an American flag bikini years ago and I still wear it! It’s perfect for this holiday and for vacation. I think it’s a must for this year!



I’m such a fan of scarves. Perfect year around and always the exact accessory you need to punch up an outfit. Too hot to wear? Then throw it on your tote!


Scarves, turbans, barrettes, ribbons- I love them. Why should the kids have all the fun?!?!



Since everything goes back to having incredible pictures from your awesome party. Here’s a way for everyone to look festive. Grab a few pairs of red, white and blue glasses ready for picture time! Facebook approved.


Nail art is all the rage and it totally should be. Get some action on your nails. I promise this is also a sure fire way to get in a great mood!


Need something real quick for the 4th?!?!? Shop here!

  Adorable drawstring blue shorts (red/white/blue lined) NEED!

Stars and Stripes jean shorts 

Wildfox comfy stars and stripes look (Awesome to lounge around or hit the beach)

Tribal red/white/blue tank

Flag sandals 

No matter what you do this 4th enjoy yourself and let your hair down. I declare this holiday the judge-free zone! Now go play with some sparklers in the back yard.

xoxo, Loftiss

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