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Loftiss says “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!’

This article is always my favorite in US Weekly and thought I would tell me some unknown things about me. This is rather hard because I am such an open book but here we gooooooooo……


#1. I truly am a positive person to the core. I do have my off moments but in general I wake up and go to sleep happy.

#2. I DESPISE COFFEE.I know I know. But truly the smell, the taste, the coffee breath is horrid! I don’t understand the allure and it baffles people when I say I am not a coffee fan.


#3. If I could be any animal I would be a cheetah or a leopard. Both of their markings are exquisite.

#4. I met my husband in 2003 in New York. We were introduced by a friend and it took us til December 2008 to date. For years I was known as “Rockette Emily” and he was “Alabama Jay” or “Wallstreet.”

#5. I feel country music is a direct line to my soul.

#6. I did pageants for two years in college. I received a flyer in the mail and convinced mom to let me compete. I went to Miss Georgia twice and won 2nd Runner-Up,  Swimsuit Winner 2x, Miss America Community Service Award & People’s Choice Talent. I would have loved to compete at Miss America but when it was time to graduate I wanted to focus on my dance career and move to New York.


(ps I designed this dress. Ohh what I had to do to make those boobs happen!)


#7. I have a degree from the University of Alabama in Choreography and Performance and a minor in Theater. Roll Tide!

#8. Being a Rockette was a dream come true. My first year mom hired 2 greyhound buses to carry people from my hometown of Thomasville, GA to come visit me in Nashville. 8 hours on a bus!!!!! I have the best mama and local support in the world.

IMG_0073l_aa380c93ec6226f97109a3a75ba896f1 210364148_10152403408796467_9188654225906999102_n

#9. My worst audition was for the workout infomercial Insanity by Shawn T. I had a full day of auditions + a callback for Lucille Roberts National commercial. I had to go back the next day and my body was so sore from all the exercise I could barely walk. I made it til the last 5 mins of the audition and then was tapped on my shoulder to be released. I walked out of the room and threw up my protein shake. (still can’t watch that infomercial).

#10. My grandparents lived in a tiny town called Maxeys, GA. One building was the volunteer fire department, police department and post office. My sister and I had an old golf cart (that constantly ran out of gas), a bunch of wild cats and a garden to play in. It was magical.

#11. My mother has always said I have gotten my ‘counseling’ gene from her. She said I always know how to speak to people and make them feel comfortable and safe.

#12. Dance is my first love. I can NOT hear music and not move to it. My favorite is dancing at inappropriate places like the grocery store. (my kids will love it!)

#13. I always wanted to name my daughter Lady. My friend’s grandmother was named Lady and I always thought it was the coolest thing. Mom convinced me that Lady would be a hard name to sell to my future husband so I decided to name my child (my cat) that. Kitty’s full name is Lady June Dion Loftiss Carlington.


#14. I have never met an energy drink I didn’t like.

#15. Another audition story. I ripped a hole in my leotard pulling up my fishnets and didn’t have an extra one with me. I grabbed a sharpie and colored in my skin on my tush so you wouldn’t see the hole. I danced for 8 more hours and was offered the part in the Fosse National Tour a few weeks later (I turned it down to do Cats and get my Equity card).

#16. If Jay and I could have a little summer home anywhere it would be in Aruba. It was our first vacation, where we said I love you and got engaged in front of our parents. We are planning our next vaca there very soon.


(I found this rock in Aruba. This rock and framed picture are in my guest room).

#17. I am a people person through and through. I could spend time with friends at every moment of the day and never be annoyed. I’m basically like a puppy…always excited to play.

#18. I lived in the South for 23 years and New York for 10. I don’t know what I miss more.

#19. My favorite meal is my mom’s fried pork chops, mushy butter beans, sweet tea and a biscuit!

#20. I danced on The Late Show with David Letterman twice( he is extremely tall) and turned down the Madonna/Britney Spears “Me Against the Music” video. (Should have done it).

#21. The first time I interviewed backstage at New York Fashion Week I didn’t get paid. I actually found it on Craigslist. Invaluable learning experience.


#22. MTV’s MADE was probably the hardest job I’ve ever done. I woke up everyday at 4:15 am and was living alone in Independence, MI for 5 weeks during the winter. There is a reason the kids have a breakdown. THEY AER EXHAUSTED!


#23. I have some of the greatest friends in the universe. I am still very tight with my high school and college friends and lord knows dance friends are for life after going through all the rejection! My NYC friends are incredible and I hang out with mostly my east coast friends that have moved to the west coast.

#24. I have been planning my style book in my head for years. I can’t wait til the time is right to officially publish this baby!

#25. The happiest I’ve ever been in my life was on my wedding day and my honeymoon. I hope we can visit the Amalfi Coast again…I think I left a little of my heart there.


 Last thing! I feel like I have lived a 1000x lives but am truly excited to see what else is in store for me. I’m so grateful for this life and all the time I have on this earth. Thankful for all of you and thrilled for new adventures. Ohhhh this was so fun!  I hope you enjoyed this and look for my blog next week saying what’s in my makeup bag. Ohhhhh laaaa laaaaaaaaa. Have a great rest of the week! xoxo, Loftiss

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