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Loftiss says “Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas”

Ummmm is it really almost May? That seems so crazy to me! Well, it’s a coming which means Mother’s Day is in two weeks. I thought I would help you all out with some great gifts for mother dearest. I don’t know about you but my mom is the center of my world so I always like to make a big deal out of this day. Here are a few gifts that would make her smile from ear to ear.



Estee’ Lauder Gift Bag

Nothing makes me happier than buying a new spring makeup bag. I think it’s good for the spirit!  I love this goodie bag full of Estee’ Lauder essentials. And after hearing how crazy everyone went with the Lily Pulitzer+ Target collab….you can get your fill with this. Heck, why not buy one for yourself too!  #twinsies Amazon $27

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.01.52 PM


Jamberry Nail Wraps 

I finalllllllly got the opportunity to try them. I am soooo sooooo  hard on my nails so I was very skeptical. I was shocked when the wraps lasted for over 10 days for me. THIS IS MAJOR PEOPLE! There are a million patterns to choose from so you can feel super sassy and help ma ma feel on trend. Get them at Jamberry Nails $15 per sheet.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.45.03 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.44.57 AM




While on my anniversary trip I got a facial. The aesthetician reprimanded me that I have one at home but never use it. So the second I returned I pulled that baby out of hiding. The Sonic Method works with the skin’s natural elasticity to thoroughly cleanse and go beneath the skin’s surface to beautifully transform its texture, reducing the appearance of pore size and creating a softer, smoother, more radiant complexion. Try it!  Mia2 Peach Mother’s Day Set  $149

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.38.56 AM


Meaningful Beauty® Advanced Anti-Aging System

I was sent a few samples and this stuff is great!  Supermodel Cindy Crawford shares her secret to beautiful skin and now you can share with Mom for Mother’s Day. This collection is designed to moisturize, protect, hydrate, and rejuvenate with powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage, vitamins that enhance radiance, and marine and plant extracts that offer intensive moisture and firming – all in one system that is as easy to use. Meaningful Beauty $39.




Old Navy Loungewear

Nothing better than comfy clothes to chill around the house in. Update that mumu to some stylish cozies.  She’ll think of you everything she is done with her busy day and gets to slip into her casual house clothes. Only thing missing is a glass of wine and some good tv.  Old Navy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.31.11 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.31.35 PM



Passport holder and luggage tags

Nothing is better than a mother and daughter trip. Why not get your mom a cool new travel set and plan a trip for you two! I adore this Ted Baker set. Nothing like making memories with your favorite person. Treaty General Store $38

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.08.50 PM


Bath and Body Works Tiki Beach Candle

I’m not sure if you know this about me but I am a candle fanatic. I am always on the hunt for a magical candle. I never travel without one and I usually have three burning at all times. My newest obsession is Tiki Beach 3 wick candle. I just brought two of these babies to Hawaii and I must say….it is beyond delicious. I’m also a big fan of the seasonal Oceanside & Coconut Leaves. YUM!!!!  $22 Bath and Body Works



Personal Shopper/Skype session with me

If mama needs a revamped wardrobe I am here to help. I am happy to declutter that closet and hand pick looks that would be flattering and age appropriate. And for that special occasion she is worried about ( wedding, reunion, anniversary etc…) I can get her the perfect look. Give the gift of style!!!!! 



Did this get your brain juices flowing? Share with me what you think would be a great gift below. See you next week when I share what I think you need in your wardrobe now. Get ready for some yellow! Whoooo hoooooooo Have a lovely week!

xoxo, Loftiss

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