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Loftiss says “My Super Mom Makeover on the Steve Harvey Show!”

Truly nothing makes me happier than a makeover. Then throw on top of that a well deserved, sweeter than honey, loving wife and mom who is surprised on national television. Whooo hooooo!!!! I was thrilled when The Steve Harvey Show flew me to Chicago to give ‘Super Mom’ Heather a makeover to remember.  (To read more about Heather click HERE). Here are some behind the scenes pictures of this great day.


Gearing up before we begin shooting!



Nothing better than a Glam Squad!



Waiting for the big surprise! Hiding in the Steve Harvey Spa to spill the big news.



Let the makeover begin! Selfie with the lovely woman of the hour.



Now this is some crazy hair. Don’t you love this insane undo technique?!?!?


I took a quick snap of the monitor showing Heather’s “Before Look.” And herrrrrrrrrre’s the After!




I wanted Heather to show off that beautiful shape and celebrate her body! With a sassy undo, and pop of color for the lips her gorgeous skin really shined. What a natural beauty!!!! (Also she has the BEST hair).



Could I love this family? Nope!



I mean! These boys stole my heart! Scotty and Robbie are precious little angels!!!!



The whole crew! Thank you Steve Harvey and the entire gang for bringing me on board. It was an honor to bring joy to this beautiful family’s life.


If you missed the it- here’s the revel video HERE!!!!!!

Are you in need of a makeover? Check out my styling services and see how I can help you. Psttttttt guys- this would be an excellent gift for Mother’s Day 😉

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