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Loftiss says “Photos from my Trina Turk StyleOut Event!” 2.0

Well we did it again! Another successful event with my favorite folks at Trina Turk.  We had a great night of sips, shopping and laughter at Fashion Island. Since Trina is known for her loud colors and crazy prints- we really are a match made in heaven. Take a look at the festive store and lovely event here in Orange County!


Please look at this jumpsuit. Don’t you worry she came home with me and you’ll be seeing her on my Anniversary trip to Hawaii next month! WeeeeeeeePpHNvED4fQ81bipKBguS922sLbnmfHJNTIyKfk4IM58





stUC7FRRTYiUiiNRXm9vU640_MPAqqcdhBRXDD6aamI-P6Lgpa7tK7jVHpsOL7F4ptkIsLMUYMXniZ6ZhwYcHA XcDcdUpgLeU9onxJdSTACGLK3Umhq2wnF_Vr4dDxGosYKrXFHApXLH84axmD0PJzE2uZJmtTY4Quxhu5tRzXrk

Ohhhh some of my blogger friends came out! Thank you Thank you!


Hawt Activewear? Yes please.


 Of course, the Hubs came to support! (Am I lucky or what?!?!?)


Keep up with Amanda at Feast Fashion Faves….this chick has big plans people! pstttt: Click here for Amanda’s post on the event.


My new friend Lyndi! As sweet as she is lovely. Look up her blog- Lyndi In The City.



Kristen. Just the best. 11009221_10104823331995911_6387708421551154351_n-1

My new favorite person! Thank you to the handsome store manager,  Zach Ryles, for putting this lovely event together with me!


Special Thank You!!!!

To Deveny, Zach and all the folks at Trina for asking me to host another year for you. I look forward to many more events and collaborations. Mwah!

To Blanc Noir for my hair. Abel- you did the look I wanted perfectly. Barbie Glam!

To Fashion Photographer Ed Melliza Photography for capturing this lovely night. Follow him on IG: @fashionstylistphotographer

To all my friends that came out and supported. I am forever grateful.


Check out last years event:

‘PHOTOS! My Trina Turk Event at Fashion Island!’

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