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Loftiss says “Introducing Styling Services by ME!”

I am SOOOOOOOO thrilled to include styling services to my new website. I have been styling friends, clients, photo-shoots, stores, brands, events and fashion shows for over seven years. And that doesn’t even count talking style/beauty tips & makeovers on national television. Word of mouth has been great but it was time to put these services on the web. After you have fun perusing my website head over to services page to see what I can offer you! I have everything from Wardrobe Editing, Personalized Shopping, 30 x 30 (Thirty Looks for Thirty Days), Virtual Styling, Style & Beauty Masterclasses to Coaching. Everything can be personalized just for your needs even if you don’t live in Cali! Instead of me tooting my own horn, why not read some people I have helped in the past.




‘Emily, has a style and talent that goes beyond measure! She has always had the ability to uniquely style her clients conducive to their individual personalities and tastes……and that can only be accomplished by knowing upcoming trends, classics, and what truly looks best on everyone! She possesses a true gift! I have been so fortunate to know I can look my best based off of her expert fashion and style advice! I’ll never leave home without my Emily advice! Emily=fashion genius!’

Pamela- LaGrange, Georgia


‘I am so grateful for the fashion help that Emily has provided to me while planning for my wedding. My life is so busy I have no time to research fashion the way that she just understands it. She has helped me look at dresses and hairstyles and colors and ideas. I wanted to be a beautiful bride and thanks to her advice I know that I be!’

Bethany-Thomasville, GA


Eek! I can’t say enough about how much Emily has helped me. After losing over 40lbs I had a hard time figuring out what clothes worked on my body. I finally felt confident on the inside and wanted to show it in the outside too! She helped me revamped my closet and learn what really works for me. On top of that she has helped prep me for tons of photoshoots and events so I always look and feel my best! Plus she’s hilarious! Thanks girl!

Katie- Laguna Niguel, CA


‘Emily is not only a great person, but a fabulous stylist. Her taste spans east to west, from low budget to high end, and most importantly – she knows how to make the most of each. Her personal style is bright and unapologetic, however, her knack for styling a best girlfriend or a brand new client is completely “tailored” to them. Not only will you leave her looking better than ever, but her undeniably colorful spirit will have you shining for life’.

Jamie- New York City, NY


‘I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing Ms. Loftiss since we were giggly girls in a small South Georgia town. As we grew up, it became very apparent that on-trend style & classy fabulosity were things Ms. Loftiss not only knew, but she created it. In her everyday looks. In the fun risks she took with fashion. I know that if I ever want an honest, sincere, and loving opinion on a new fashion look or trend, I trust Ms. Loftiss and she has guided me through more than a few amazing fashion sessions.’

Brooke- Nashville, TN


‘Emily is always my final approval for anything I wear. From date night to the red carpet, if Emily approves then I know I’m on point. And my new closet is organized beautifully!

                                                                                    Keltie- Los Angeles, CA                                                                                     


‘Emily Loftiss is my all-in-one expert to turn to for guidance when shooting both real clients and working on editorial pieces. She always knows how to work the current trends into personal style statements that fit each client or model. Not only does she have a keen eye for hair, beauty, and fashion, but she has that extra something – a sixth sense and little bit of magic. She’s been my secret weapon for years now!’

Amelia-Birmingham, AL & Los Angeles, CA


‘Emily has been guiding me on my wardrobe for the past 8 years. I am thankful she makes herself available for all my questions no matter the size. She is truly a gift and has helped me find my own personal style!’

Jennifer-New York,NY


‘All you need to do is look at Loftiss’ honeymoon photos and you know this women KNOWS what she’s doing. I literally will not attend an event without consulting her Loftiss Says blog first.’

Vanessa- New York City/Los Angeles, CA


‘Not only is Emily a world of knowledge about all things fashion, and beauty but she just makes it so much fun! If I ever need advice she is my one and only stop for amazing styling tips. She has been a lifesaver through my wedding process.

Wallis-Los Angeles, CA


‘Emily’s style tips, particularly her hair tutorials, are easy to follow and to execute. The last time I followed one of her YouTube tutorials, people couldn’t believe my up-do was done by me instead of a professional. Also, when I have specific questions, Emily responds quickly to my stylish dilemmas.’

Laura- Atlanta, GA 


‘I was struggling with the dreaded “pantyhose” issue…had a winter cocktail party and no color on my legs….painfully pale! I immediately got in touch with my style guru, Loftiss, who guided me to the correct choice….she is the best!!!’

 Suzanne- Thomasville, Georgia    


“If I’m attending an opening night for one of my shows, I always call Loftiss. I know she will always lead me in the right direction. Classic yet always on Trend.  She is ALWAYS my fashionista on speed dial!

Keven- New York City, NY


‘Emily is a trifecta of style force: smart, sassy, and fun. Her capable hands will reinvent you and your wardrobe!’

Kelley-New York City, NY


‘Emily is the one person I turn to with any stye question. Her advice on what to wear and which products to use has never failed me!’

Jenna- Thomasville, GA


I started this blog five years ago to help people near and far with all things related to fashion and beauty. I have always wanted this to be a safe place for learning, questions, inspiration and joy. I can’t wait to hear from each and every one of you. Please spread the word!

xoxo, Loftiss

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