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Loftiss says ” WHAT A WEEKEND! SAG Awards + Miss Universe Looks”

Ohhhh what a night! Celebs, red carpets, beauty queens and more! My heart was so happy. At the moment I have only watched the SAG Awards and watching Miss Universe tonight when my bestie comes over. Sadly husband doesn’t get excited about pagentland as much as me. Don’t worry I’ve done my research and ready to share with you my Hits and Misses of these two events. Let’s begin!


Keira Knightley

Oh girl. I really want you to nail your pregnancy looks but again I am underwhelmed. I mean MILES better than your last red carpet at the Golden Globes but that lose peplum is not doing anything for your bump. Also this messy hair situation drives me mad!



Edie Falco

This is a classic example of a lovely dress that is not right for the red carpet. Some dresses wrinkle so badly that you can’t wear them after sitting in a limo. I was such a freak about my wedding dress being wrinkled that I steamed: before pictures, after pictures, at the church, before the reception.




Lupita Nynog’o

I love this dress. You know I love a deep v, strong pattern and a bold lip. But let’s focus on her skin. I mean…DAMN! She looks like a doll.


Felicity Jones

You had me at Ballet Slipper Pink.

Wow. Simple and completely perfect. Now this is how you do effortlessly chic.


Emma Stone

Now you know I love menswear inspired clothing. I like this dress 80%. Something about it seems off. Almost like it was on Project Runway and they said add some more pazazz and quickly added chiffon on the top and bottom of this dress.

Also POCKETS DRIVE ME CRAZY. Yay you dress has pockets. We get it. Now get your hands out!



Jennifer Anniston

Yayyyyyyyy. You didn’t wear black and actually wore a different neckline!!!!! Slow clap for a body chain.

This is one of my favorite looks of Jen in years!



Julianna Marguilles

I know people will put her in their best dressed because they are major fans of her but if you really break down her look- it’s a miss. The seams in the chest area looks like her nips are showing, when she walked the slit almost showed her lovely lady lumps and lastly black strappy heels? This dress called for a nude or golden hue shoe.



Julianne Moore

I am utterly in owe of Julianne’s face. So flawless. I swear she doesn’t age. But darling you are a MOVIE STAR- please don’t do beachy waves at an awards show. The dress was so glamorous and I just kept staring at the unkept hair.



Rashida Jones

Well look-a-here! Yes Rashida! This is a great look on you. And that pop of robins egg blue is sublime.



Rosemund Pike

Whyyyyyyy!?!??!?!?! There is so much fabric!?!?!?!? I think you are so breathtaking but you have NOT had your swan moment yet. Please bring it for the Oscars!


Laverne Cox

I’m sorry but she ALWAYS give me glamour. This color is gorgeous on her skin. I would have done different hair (High bun) but regardless – you are a beauty.



Reese Witherspoon


The only thing I would change is I would have loved her hair to be a super slick back pony tail or a bouncy pony. This hair looks ho-hum for the magicalness she is giving from the neck down.

I want this hair….blively_gl_6jun11_PA



Andrea Riseborough

Of course I love the color (the same color of my bridesmaid dresses) but the fit is a gag. You need a tailor stat!




Alright now on to the Beauty Queens!!!! Reminder I have not watch the pageant yet so this is just from what I’ve seen online. The Top 5.

Miss Jamaica

Ohhhh I see why everyone is pitching a fit. YOU. ARE. EXQUISITE. And I am all about the short hair.

Yes to everything happening in this picture.



Miss USA

I mean… you can’t deny this face. She is striking. I like this dress a lot. Mostly because it reminds me of a Rockette costume.



Miss Australia

Fab color. But this dress looks like it came out of the Barbie Holiday collection. #Miss

Tegan Martin

Miss Ukraine

MORE red dresses!!!!! But wow….sexypot. She was here to play ball. Plus I lovvvvvvve this hair.



Miss Netherlands

I AM ALLLLLL ABOUT YELLOW!!!!! Yellow is so good on her skin. But not a fan of that choker and wish she had done this hair below. Her mane took over her look.

The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant - Show


Miss Columbia

To me this is not a showstopper look. She looks like every pageant girl I have ever seen. I want a Miss Universe to be oh-so- gorgeous you think….  are you THAT perfect?!?!?

Just from pictures I think Miss Jamaica should have won with Miss USA as the 1st runner-up.

Paulina Vega

Whew! What did you think everyone? Tell me your thoughts on the SAG Awards + Miss Universe pageant underneath or on my Instagram. I have some exciting new next weekkkkk. Make sure you stop by on Monday!

And as always enjoy fashion-it’s supposed to be fun!

xxx, Loftiss

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