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Loftiss says “31 Ideas for December!”

Hellllllllo December!

I can not believe we have reached this final month of 2014. Anyone that knows me understands I am a Christmas Fanatic. I adore this season and everything related to this joyful time. I thought it would be a fun thing to give you 31 activities to do this month. You only have 31 days so let’s get this party started….


1. Time to get those Christmas cards ready. Put on some christmas carols and have a ball addressing envelopes to your loved ones. Throw some glitter in the envelopes- they’ll love that surprise!


2. Get a jar and have everyone in the family (or roommates) write what they are thankful for daily. On Christmas Day read them and see how special your life is.

3. Decorate your front door. Be it a wreath or wrapping it like a present, separate your house from the rest on the block! I suggest a flood light to really highlight your work.

4. Visit a christmas tree farm and pick out your tree. Pack up the crew and enjoy an adventure of picking out the perfect tree.

5. Pop that popcorn and get ready to decorate that tree tomorrow. Sometimes prepping for a get together is just as fun as the party!

6. Tree Decorating Party. Invite your family or your favorites to come over and help decorate your tree. Hot chocolate and friends sounds like the perfect night.


7. Cookie Exchange Party. Nothing is better than the smell of fresh baked cookies! Bake a few kinds from sugar cookies, rudolph cookies, snow ball cookies to lemon bars. Now you have tons to share to keep the Christmas spirit alive.


8. Nail Night. This is the time you can bring out the cherry red color or even some glitter. Head to the nail salon or do them at your house. Make some bold choices… I promise you’ll get compliments!


9. Tree Lighting Ceremony. Check your local listing to see when your town will celebrate this beautiful tradition.

10. Go through your old things in your house and donate to Goodwill. Nothing feels better than helping those in need. You will feel such joy with less clutter in your house and by doing something good for others.

11. Everyone loves an ugly Christmas sweater party. Have over some friends and debut your most tacky sweaters.


12. Pile in the car and drive around to see the christmas lights. Warm car, carols playing and fun memories in the making.

13. Movie Night. Watch some old classics like A Christmas Carol, The Grinch Stole Christmas and White Christmas. My favorite is Love Actually.


14. Start a scrapbook. You want to remember these memories forever.

15. See a local show. Maybe “The Nutcracker” or Live Nativity or even visit Santa Claus or go for a hayride. Just get out of the house and enjoy the season.

16. Puzzle Night! Grab a few season puzzles that you can work on all through the month.

17. Get creative with your stocking stuffers. Make it a $1 limit per items and head to the Dollar Store. It will save you money and make your gifts original.

18. Time to sled! If you have snow – get outside and enjoy the cold. If you are in warmer regions, go for a walk and enjoy the cold air.

19. Making Gingerbread houses is a great tradition. Making a mess is half the fun!


20. Put up a list in your neighborhood and gather a group for caroling! You’ll have a blast picking music and seeing the happiness on people’s faces when you surprise them.

21. Make hot cider. It’s cold outside so you want a big batch of cider to keep you warm. Psttt time to start working on those New Year’s Resolutions. Drink your cider and make some life goals for next year.

22. Cut firewood. Christmas is coming so you want plenty of firewood to have near for snuggle time with your loved ones. I say throw on a lumberjack outfit and make a whole event out of it.

23. Wrapping night. Get all your unwrapped presents and make an event out of it. Sometimes the gorgeous wrappings are better than the presents.


24. Read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” as a family. And don’t forget to leave some food for Santa and his reindeer.

25. CHRISTMAS!!! Why not volunteer at a local soup kitchen. After you are done you can celebrate with your own family.

26. Sales will be booming! Wake up early and exchange all your goodies. And you don’t forget to hit the decorations aisle- everything will be 50% for next year!

Christmas sale

27. It’s time to clean house! Clear out the wrapping paper, get your leftovers into tupperware, etc. Nothing will feel better than ringing in the New Year clutter-free home.

28. Plan a spa day with your best girls before everyone heads back to work. Massages, Nails, Facials- whatever. It’s more about visiting with your girlfriends than what you actually do.

drinks in the garden

29. Mother/Son or Father/Daughter night. Head off in your separate directions and have some one-on-one time with your children (or parents). This could be a yearly custom that will bring so much joy into each relationship.

30. Snuggle Night. Since tomorrow night will be a big night out let this be a cozy night in full of warm socks, blankets, fire places, soup and stories.

31. NEW YEARS EVE!!!!! Time to throw on your most sparkly outfit and toast to the new year.



I had the best time creating this. I truly hope you do some of these events. Tag me on IG, Twitter and show me what you are up to! Remember you have 31 days to accomplish everything on your New Year’s Resolutions List for 214. Get crackin’!

xoxo, Loftiss

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