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Loftiss says “Glo Science. Let’s get Glo-ing!”

I must tell you about my GLO Science experience. And when I say experience…I mean it! My friend Jamie Kelton, Bama graduate/former pageant girl, recently moved to NYC to start working with this company. After hearing so many great things about this product I had to check it out myself! This magical device can brighten your smile 5 shades in just 5 days. And most importantly NO SENSITIVITY! Now, I don’t know about you, but this means the world to me. Since I have misused my Crest white strips in the past (yes I slept in them) my teeth can not even think about teeth whitening. I was skeptical of this but let me tell you…it works.


My darling care package



Created by Jonathan Levine, a world renewed aesthetic dentist, this groundbreaking device is clinically proven to whiten your teeth 5 shades brighter in the comfort of your own home. The patented Guided Light Optics (G.L.O.) Innovation combines heat+ light in a closed system mouthpiece, activating the professional strength gel and preventing oxygen from escaping  for fast, efficient, long-lasting results.  I must say when you receive the box it’s a bit overwhelming. It is packaged like a new Apple device such as an iPod. What’s so cool is you can hang the lanyard around your neck and can complete emails or chores around the house. It’s completely hands free so life doesn’t has to stop because you are whitening.


Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 2.51.33 PM


I took my travel kit to Seattle and Georgia in my carry-on. It small enough to pack and has multiple ways to charge, including to your computer. I really think this product is the next big thing.  It is safe to use on crowns, caps, bonding and veneers. Say goodbye to messy trays and strips and hello to your brightest most brilliant smile.


After my workout- time to glo!


This entire package is $199. I think it’s a wonderful gift for loved ones or for yourself this Christmas. If you are really considering improving your smile…I fully support this product. In the comfort of your own home, no sterile dentist chairs, no sensitivity- seriously what more could you ask for?!?!  Let me know what you think guys when you try it. And thanks again Jamie for introducing me. #RollTide

Happy Gloing and of course Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll. Love you all and thankful for YOU.

xxx, Loftiss


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