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Loftiss says “Quotes to Inspire You”

People often ask me what makes me successful. I think there are several things: I’m a Virgo, I have an insane work ethic, I don’t take no as an answer and my positive attitude.  This weekend I was at home in Georgia and I came across an old poem I had written in 9th grade. I had recently experienced great loss and I was blown away at my positive attitude at such a young age. I really feel like positivity is innately born in you but I also feel you can work and grow into that person.

I know we all find ways to pull ourselves out of the gutter when life has kicked us down. I like to think of all the good things in my life and count my blessings. I also am a huge fan of inspirational quotes. If you look through my phone you will see thousands of pictures of my husband, cat, clothes inspiration, makeup/hair tricks I would like to try and quotes. Sometimes a quick reset of your mind can make your entire day turn around. I feel like I am in a really good place in my life- happily married, career  moving quickly and a life full of dear friends. I truly believe the universe puts people in your life to pull you out of the darkness and times you need to be the one bringing others to the light. So here I am.  I promise to go back to my blogging about my events, fashion, and style tips. But I do believe it is all interconnected. Happy heart attracts happiness.

Here are some quotes to help you through what you are going through….























Check back this week because I’ll be showing my fabulous event at Kendra Scott in Atlanta! Best wishes xxxx

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