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Loftiss says “TRESS- The Paris Curl”

HELLO HELLO! I had the loveliest week puppsitting in Hollywood and visiting with friends. I hope you managed some sun and relaxation into your weekend. Today marks the 3rd edition of ‘TRESS. This look inspired this entire hair series. When I was on my honeymoon in June (sighhhhhh) I posted pictures of me visiting the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower with this hairstyle, pictured below. Literally ALLL of my social media pages went wild!  Everyone wanted to know how to copy this look at home. I knew when I got back I had to do a play-by-play of this fabulous yet simple do.

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

photo 2-1


Separate the front section and pin. It doesn’t need to be precise. Don’t get a huge section because you will need to manipulate that piece at the end.




Put the rest of your hair in a high ponytail.


Depending on length of hair, fold you hair around your fingers. Again, this doesn’t have to be exact. I find it more interesting to fold hair around my fingers then to do a strict bun. More fashion forward.


Coil up and pin!


Again, I love having a rubber band in my hair to help it feel more secure. I mean, what if a dance party breaks out? I need to do some neck rolls.


Easy. Now don’t fuss with the sides of the hair being perfect. I always polish my look at the end with hairspray and teasing comb.


Now comes the fun part! The trick to making this hair look so fabulous is to tease! Use your rat comb to get fullness into the hair.


It already looks more red carpet this way.

TIP-People always think you do the front section of your hair first. I disagree. Get the everything done so the last thing you work on is the focal point of your look.


Now, fold up the front section around your fingers to create a “curl.”


Place the curl right above the ear and pin.


Look at that!



Here is another picture from my honeymoon while we were in Paris. Add a fabulous little dress or some statement jewelry and you will be the belle of any ball. I promise you’ll get rave reviews from this hair style. Again, practice makes perfect + I always think dirty hair is easier to maneuver than clean hair. Let me know if you have any questions and please send pics my way! The last series is next week and I will show you how to do the “Wraparound Braid.”

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xoxo, Loftiss

photo 1-1

Will you be trying this look?

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