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Loftiss says ” TRESS: Headband Roll-Up”

Hello beauties!!!! Welcome to the second Edition  of “TRESS.” Since last week we tackled the simple side braid I knew it was time to step it up a notch with the “Headband Roll-Up.” This look ALWAYS gets me compliments and truly easy as cake. Psttttttt – I see all over my Facebook that kids are heading back to school. This is GREAT to do on the little ones. Let me show you.

Step 1: Grab a fab headband! Neon, sequins, feathers whatever. Something you want to be the focal point of your look.


I always like to have it not perfectly brushed down. Again-effortless. Unless you are doing this for a wedding or fancy occasion I say don’t fuss too much.


Ohhhh if you like height….try teasing the crown for an extra bump. I always refer a teased crown as “my country music bump.”


 Next separate hair into three sections. Both face sections and the rest of the hair in the back. I always think everything feels more secure with a rubber band so I make my third section have a rubber band.


Next  roll up the middle section and tuck into the headband. Yep it’s just that easy. Roll and pin.  TIP – don’t look in a mirror. Just pin pin pin until it feels secure.


BOOM! This is also an option to not separate the front face sections and just keep all the hair together. See this roll looks read to go!


Next let’s deal with the front two pieces. Start rolling the hair towards your face. Just twist and pin. You could also braid these two sections if you have a few more minutes!



Now let’s conquer the other side. Notice the end from the 1st section is still out. Don’t worry about that for the moment.


Twist towards your face and pin.


Viola! I chose to do somewhat like a little crisscross bow in the back. You can tuck everything in the sides or be creative with the ends. I didn’t check the mirror once while doing this look. Again, this is all supposed to be effortless, fun, playful hair.

TIP– If you are going out on the town you could easily try a sequined headband + try a beautiful pin/brooch in the center. Very chic!


What do you think? Will you try this look?!?!?


Did you see my other post? TRESS- Simple Side Braid

Also if you like the headband look- check out my Necklace into Headband DIY!

Next Monday we do “THE PARIS CURL.”


As always love for you to comment, repost, pinterest etc. Happy Monday! xxxxx

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