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Loftiss says “Announcing a new summer series: TRESS”

Well hello my darlings!!!!! I went on the most incredible honeymoon, dream honeymoon to be exact, and am still floating with happiness. While I was gone I got a lot of attention for my outfit changes + styling in each city. I decided when I returned I would do a new series helping all of you achieve some of  my favorite hairstyles.

#SOAPBOX: I have to say- I realllllly don’t like when bloggers just show you what they are wearing and name the brand. For me style is all about putting looks together in a clever way. Same with beauty. Ok I get it- your cateye looks fab-now how did you do it?  I am here to teach. The entire reason I created “Loftiss Says” 4 years ago was to teach other how to look and feel glamorous on a dime. That is why I am constantly answering your questions on social media- I want to be of service to all of you. If you have all of this knowledge and do not share…what’s the point?!?!

Ok! So here we go- I am collaborating with my fabulous photographer friend Alice, see pixs from the PinkBlush shoot, to do a step by tutorial on hair! So here is where I need you. What looks do you want me to show? I already have a few I am pondering (my Paris curl for example)  but I want to hear from you! Shoot me a message/pix in the comments here or on Instagram. I start filming tomorrow so hop on it. Can’t wait to share with all of you.




xoxo, Loftiss

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