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Loftiss says “Miss USA 2014 Gowns”

Since I was competed in pageants years ago,  I love to keep up with the current competitions. I always wished I could have fit in competing for Miss USA  but at that time I was already living in NYC and I was always rehearsing for the Rockette Season. So I will settle with my two years competing for Miss GA – placing 2nd runner up, swimsuit winner (2x), people’s choice talent award and Miss America community service award. I do love a pageant. The glamour, the rhinestones, the fabulous makeup, cheering for you favorite girl…it’s just too too fun. Today I’m going to discuss Miss USA Top 6 Gowns.


5th RU- Miss Iowa Carlyn Bradarich 

Ok. I really appreciate this neckpiece. It looks couture and very sophisticated. I would have loved for her hair to have been up so we could truly focus on the beauty of the neckpiece. Also I think the dress would have been more dramatic in a dark cobalt blue.  


4RU – Miss Florida Brittany Oldehoff

I reallllly love this dress. It was perfectly gorgeous when she walked. The swing beads were dazzling yet not distracting. She looked like a real life mermaid. Two thumbs up!



3RU –  Miss Louisiana Brittany Guidry

Hmmmmm I love the color but the chiffon with the beadwork seems too mature for her. I know she loved whipping that skirt about but with a bejeweled cap sleeve AND an empire waist, I wasn’t a fan. Now her face on the other hand…beautiful!


2RU –  Miss Georgia Tiana Griggs

I’m not just saying this because she is representing my home state but DAMN! This is breathtaking! In this eye- catching dress which fits her perfectly…she is dazzling.  Nothing I like more than a powerful black woman in a white dress.


1RU – Miss North Dakota Audra Mari

At first glance I was like “Ohhhhh I like this emerald satin. Great color choice” then…..


fastforward to the naming of Miss USA and I am literally screaming at the tv. THE ZIPPER! THE ZIPPER! WHAT IN THE WORLD. THE ZIPPER!!!!  I was blinded by the white zipper that I honestly couldn’t focus on anything else. Why would you do this to the poor girl. You have to have an invisible zipper on a dress like this. Sorry Miss North Dakota….fashion fail.


MISS USA 2014 IS NIA SANCHEZ – Miss Nevada

Nowwwwwwwwwwwwww this girl is it. Seriously I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I called her as the winner weeks ago when their official pictures were released for the pageant. She is striking! And she is wearing one of my favorite designers Michael Costello who I’ve been obsessed with recently. He knows how to dress a woman. Ladies and gents…THIS is the look of the night! This is red carpet genius. High fashion at its best!



Kandice Pelletier as the Official Swimsuit Sponsor of Miss USA

Kandice and I competed together back at Miss Georgia (my last year, her first year). We actually  did our makeup next to each other!  Kandice went on to win Miss NY and compete at Miss America. She is also a fellow Rockette and truly the sweetest thing in the world. HUGE congrats on this new partnership. I wish you all the luck in the world lady!



What did you think of the pageant? Fill me in friends! I want to hear who you were rooting for!

xoxo, Loftiss


2 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Miss USA 2014 Gowns”

  1. I agree with you on everything. Especially the zipper fiasco! I was floored and couldn’t even focus on the announcement because of the hideous zipper! Why didn’t someone on her board catch that?!?!

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