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Loftiss Says ‘Be Authentic’

In this day of age of the internet it’s very difficult to be your true self. There are a million ways to be influenced. Especially with social media {Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube} people are just pinning  away and copying one another. I ran into a lot of  vendors not understanding, in the wedding preparation, that I wanted to create an original atmosphere just for us. Not from a picture from another wedding or from another event at the same location. A special moment in time…one. brief.  Half the reason why I didn’t rush into blogging earlier than 2010 was I was concerned how to stay true to Emily Loftiss. I am an over- the- top, animal print lover, orange obsessed, always tan, all gold everything, loudmouth Southerner who loves styling high and low price prices together. I will never have that perfectly disorganized lap top picture next to live flowers waiting for that delicious Instagram shot.  I am not that girl.

Lately I have seen a lot of replicas and not original content.  I want to  invite you to be your authentic self. Use people, blogs, and  images around you to  inspire then create!!!!! Here’s a great article I read about defining your personal style from Who What Where. There are some great points about honing in on what makes your style…. you .

Friends-let your quirky, not perfect, incredible selves out! Shine bright!


Live outloud friends. You only have one life! MAKE IT WORK!

xoxo, Loftiss

My 1st post on from Aug. 5th 2010: Loftiss says “Pulling Focus is just my Style”


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