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Loftiss says “Emily Loftiss for Caroline Hill”

There are some things I am obsessed with…the color orange, looking tan, Rockstar energy drinks and accessories! I am thrilled to announce I partnered with Caroline Hill on a fun collection. I had a blast picking out  items I wanted to feature and an even better time on the photo shoot. The magical Amelia Strauss shot these looks for me all through Los Angeles and truly captured the vibe of each piece. Please check out the collection I hand-picked as a style expert for Caroline Hill.



I get more compliments on this bag than you can comprehend. It looks 5x more expensive especially if you leave the chain handle on . Pssttt you can see a great shot of the bag on my instagram 😉



My heart belongs to Georgia! ADORE this pendent.







OBSESSED with these two necklaces so much they are on constant rotation.  (Loved this top pix with the glamours statement necklace so much…it’s my new headshot!)



All my chosen  items together!


You can shop for these items and many more goodies at Caroline Hill.  And remember I am always here to help with styling. Have any questions? Ask away on Twitter , Instagram or follow me on Facebook. I want you to feel your best! Happy Monday and remember when in doubt…add more jewelry!  xoxo, Loftiss


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